Sunday, February 1, 2009

Thundercats! Ho!

My name is Jezza and this is my new blog for my erotic art.
I'm hoping to interact and get feedback from both the artist and fans of this genre.

My website is under construction and will be up soon.
In the meantime, I leave you with a few pieces of my f
an art.
Enjoy and let me know whatcha think.



  1. ok, so I take back what I said about wanting to redo my versions of the Thundercats. Yours are kinda... perfect. or should i say purrfect! haha. Seriously, I dont think I could say anything more than what you have here!

    You managed to make Tygra sexy! he used to be my least fave-- but you made him all young and hot! i think it helps seeing him nekkid too!

    I love all the body furr on Lion-O! And nice dildo-chucks on Panthro! Great job on all the colors-- they all go together quite nicely.

    Hope you enjoy blogland, buddy. I'm putting a link to here on mine!

  2. Thanks JC!
    I love your style, so I'd still love to see your interpretation of 'em.

  3. *Happy Dance*
    I am sooooo happy, excited and proud of you for taking the leap, Jezza! Beautiful and Sexy illustrations here...and I am eagerly waiting for more!


  4. Thanks Z!
    I'm glad you're feeling better and appreciate your flattering response.
    I look forward to showin you more ;)

  5. Hi Jezza,

    Thank you very much for becoming my first follower. I love your style....we all love mucho?! (^_^)

    I am not sure how well I can manage this blog but please bear with me...

    Thank you,

  6. No worries, Vyncent, I immediately feel in love with your work.
    And Thank You.It's great to get compliments from artist I admire.

    I'm new to the blog thing too, so I can understand your apprehensions. You'll do fine, I'm sure.

    Here's to showin each other more of our work,

  7. Hot Thundercats Jezza...i wanna see Lynx-O and Ben-Gali! you forgot them. they are the other two male 'cats..oh and wilykat.

    welcome to the blogosphere! can't wait to see more of your there a full picture to your avatar?

  8. Thanks RDot!

    I actually have other Thundercats. I'm saving em for the website folio. I did not do a Ben-gali though; Great suggestion. I'll work somethin up

    That's it to my Avatar. There's no more to him. He's meant to be a temp.

    I appreciate the warm welcome. I'm gonna piggy back JC's Black History Month tribute. I'll be making a new posting soon.

  9. Beautiful artwork. What a fine start to your collection. I found you through the boytoons article, and very glad I am that I did :)

  10. Ok, this is so hot! I love your work dude!

  11. what is your website address?

  12. OMG! Thank you Spryte and Comic Geek!
    I can't express how motivating it is to get so many great messages and recognition

    To answer your question, RDot, My website is still being constructed but will be available very soon.

  13. Looking forward to seeing more!!! Don't make us wait too long.

  14. Love your art!! Keep up keeping up.

  15. Your Thundercats are so sexy and so dang CUTE!!! I really hope you will be tempted to draw them, interacting with each other one day! :)

  16. Thank you, Dino.
    I have a few things I'd like to do with them; stay tuned. :)

  17. These are seriously hot. Found this site in a random search, but I have to say I am your newest fan! would definately need to see the Bengali pic when you're done with it!!!