Monday, April 12, 2010

Iceman Blue - Part 1

Iceman Blue was one of the first artist I discovered while learning of the world of erotic comics.
Iceman is a power house of web production, cranking out both fan piece and original web comics, flash games and regular blog pieces.
In addition to his artistic style, you'll recognize Blue's work from his signature masochistic heroes. If the hero is being bound, raped, or probed with some strange device for most of the fight, then it's probably an Iceman Blue comic.In this part of Blue's Q&A, read what the artist has to say about his work and characters.

ICEMAN BLUE: Erotic Comic Artist

How long have you been doing comics?
"Hmm... well in 2003 I did my very first fan webcomic, "Batman Loves Robin". It wasn't long after that commissions started coming in and Iceman Blue really took a life of it's own!"

OOh! I remember that one. I was just learning there was an erotic comic world beyond Tom of Finland at the time I discovered your "Batman Loves Robin."
So you've been doin this for a good minute. What is your creative process? How do you think up the crazy sexcapades you throw your characters into?

"To tell you the truth, I get most of my ideas when I'm laying in bed. LOL! I go over what I want to do in my head before I get up and start the day each and every morning."

How much vicarious living do you do through your characters?
"That's a tough question... I really can't say that I do. I'm very happy and satisfied living my everyday, regular life. I do love watching those sexy hunks getting molested and manhandled though! LOL!"

You are a true sadist, Iceman. How often do you put your characters in sexual situations that are a turn OFF to you?
"Not very often at all. For the most part I have been very lucky to draw stuff that DOES turn me on."

You appear to be doin pretty well for yourself as a self-made erotic comic artist. What tips can you give to those looking to do something similar?

"Just keep drawing and creating! If you have that fire, people will take notice and things will happen for you! :)"

Matters of Character

Do you have a favorite among your characters?
"Do I have to pick one? Well, if I must then it would be James, The Lost Fantasy Hero."

Which of your characters is most like you?
"If I had to pick, I am more like my villians...because I love to torment and manhandle big muscle guys! ;)"

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

"Raven Hex of Jim Balent's Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. Check that series out at"

Which of your characters would you most like to be?
"None! They are all getting manhandled, butt-raped or vanquished! LoL"

LOL. I wouldn't want to be any of em either. They're job is rough. I mean literally ROUGH! I don't wish getting fucked by a giant stone golem on anyone! (See Midnightman #3) Which fictional character would you love to fuck?
"If it's just for one night...then Ian Nottingham from Witchblade."

ICEMAN BLUE: What's Happenin

You have a new web comic out. For the benefit of those who aren't familiar with it, tell us about it.
"It's called "Cosmic Heroes" and it's basically about a super hero team that gets their super powers milked through their cocks by arch-enemy, Darkforce! It's an on-the-edge-of-your-seat erotic thriller! ;) It's just a really fun and sexy story. And it's actually the first time I have worked with an outside colorist for a comic, Gojira. Previously I did all the work myself. I really enjoy the work he's been doing on the comic. It really gives the pages a fresh look!"

Gojira did a good job. his colors compliment your style well. So, Cosmic Heroes, is the first of your titles not to be completely done by you. Midnightman credits list a few names. Was he a collaborative creation?
"I write the scenario, pencil and ink the line art. RX2 goes over a script that I give him which he then punches up and usually gives the story and characters an extra push and personality.
And Una, who was my production assistant at the time. She helped with some of the coloring process. Una was actually a big help on most of my site's original work up until recently."

Speaking of Midnightman, he feels like Indiana Jones meets X-Men's Gambit for me. What inspired that character?
"LOL" That's not a bad comparison, but in my mind it was actually more like Catwoman meets Laura Croft when I was developing the character idea. Michael Manning's black and white works also heavily inspired Midnightman's costume design."

You gotta tell me. What's the deal with Samson and Mr. Yatzy? Why does Samson put up with his shit?
"LOL! I guess the best way to put it is they have a sort of master/slave, daddy/son relationship. Deep down, Samson really enjoys being dominated and receiving the humiliation that can come with being a manservant."

Ok. I guess if you put it that way. :) Most of your titles have multiple issues and mythological fantasy will always be my favorite "genre." Will we see more of Apollos?
"Oh yeah, Absolutely. You haven't seen the last of Apollos. Actually, I've been getting a lot of fan mail about the King Levites character. So, I may do a spin-off just for him!"

So, gay art lovers, comic readers, and just pervs in general can look forward to a lot more from Iceman Blue. And how hot is Ice?! Were you guys just as surprised and happy to see that sexy bod in the little underwear as I was? He may have started a new standard in profile pics for my monthly Q&A.
That's all for now but Iceman Blue gives us a second load next week, where you'll get to know more about the man inside the artsit, sorta speak. In the mean time, check out more of his work at


  1. Oh awesome x3
    His art is neat and is nice to know more about him

  2. Thanks DevilMan.
    I'm sure Ice appreciates reading the compliment as much as I do.
    I will be posting part 2 of his Q&A next week.