Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's June!
Is this year flyin' by for anyone else? And I thought last year went by fast. Whew!

June holds birthdays for Spanish writer, Javi Cuho, Hard to Swallow's Dave Davenport, and artist- sculptor, Belasco. Show them some love on their blogs or on whatever networking site you use.

This month's Q&A will be with British artist extraordinaire, Jacob Mott! Yup! Big Watch Boi, Jacob Mott! He gives us a good load of English wit, humor and spunk along with some hot art pieces.

And of course you can look forward to art work from yours truly.
Happy June, everybody!


  1. Hehe, Belasco was born two days before my mom! That's so crazy ^___^

  2. Delicious hairynes *0*!!!!!
    W00t Jacob Mott!!! Hes one of my favorites!!!!

  3. This year is going WAY TOO fast!!

  4. We Gemini tend to be born in litters around the same dates, Jubell ;)

    Thanks, Devil. You're gonna love his Q&A!

    I'm actually a little relived someone else is havin' a lil' difficulty keepin' up with this year, Michael.

  5. looking forward to seeing your work

  6. Thanks, Wonder. Always happy to have new followers. I hope you enjoy what's to come