Monday, January 10, 2011


FMX is the Fallen Messiah X. What does that mean? I have no clue.
And it's not even one of the questions I thought to ask. I like not knowing - But I DO like knowing what super powers he would sport, who he works for, and what pornos he's been in.
He's very talented and I personally think he is adorable (seriously folks - FMX looks like a real live anime character, no lie). His sarcastic sense of humor makes me wish I could have held this interview in person.
One day, I tell ya, one day. :)

An Insight

What are you doing when you're not drawing?
"Saving the world through song and dance. LaLaLaLaLa"
Do you have any other talents outside of art?
"I can make up alternative song lyrics on a whim pretty easily as a song is playing. Most of the time they are perverted lyrics. Not much of a talent."
What single super power would you like to have?

"Turn into anyone I want like Mystique from X-Men. Also to be
immortal and not grow old, but not with any negative reproductions like having to drink blood."
What would you use it for?
"The children. It's always for the children."
Who is your favorite fictional villain?
"The evil Queen from Snow White. Oh and the White Witch from Narnia. She kicks major ass!"

How old were you when you came out?
"17 ...seems like ages ago. Oh wait it was!"

If you could have dinner with 3 dead people, who would they be?
"I'm not sure I could make myself eat food with three zom
bies around me."

FMX: Art

What projects are you currently working on?
"Commissions. I am so slow with these - takes me forever to finish them."

Who were/are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?

"Wow, All over the place! I think when I first started drawing anime style, I tried to mimic other artist styles but now I do my own style. There are too many influences to name them all."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?
"Backgrounds. I have gotten a bit better at them but I still would rather do characters."

What is your favorite part about drawing?
"Being able to create something special that not many others can do."

Do you have any tips or tricks for overcoming blocks in creativity?
"No. I still have not figured that one out. Time usually is what gets rid of a block."

If you had to replace your artistic talent with another one, what would it be?
"To be an excellent singer and performer. Being like Lady gaga comes to mind."

FMX: Sex

Top or Bottom:
"I am whatever my man wants me to be."

Biggest Turn On:
"Hands. I love men's hands. If a guy had gross hands...scabs, dirt, long nails, womanly hands, I am automatically turned off."

Biggest Turn Off:
"Bad hygiene and egos"

When does size matter?
"When it's too big or too small. I am not a "size queen." I consider myself a "beauty queen." I like "pretty" penises.

Have you or Would you ever do porn?

"I would never. No one wants to see that. I also consider myself a lady. I do not have sex in front of anyone. LoL"

What's your fetish?
"Hands. LOL! Oh, and nipples - nice ones. Oh! and ghetto booties. I like a man with a large ass! LOL!"

How big is "Too Big?"
"Well, sometimes I can take more than I thought I could. I can surprise myself. Other times, it is a bit uncomfortable with just a I am willing to give any size a try once."

I gotta admit a big ol' ghetto booty gets me goin' too. :D FMX, Thank you for making the time to share some about yourself with us. I can totally imagine how much fun watching TV or riding in a car with you listening to music would be. Many of your responses sparked more questions - I think we ill have to another interview with you in the future. Keep up with FMX's art by following his blog at

Until next time - Have a grrrrrreat week!



  1. Hot art, can't wait to see some more of your work, Jezza

  2. I was pretty sure he was cute and now this confirms it !!!!!

    Nice interview again, very interesting stuff :3

  3. That interview was VERY entertaining XD

    Nice job you two!

  4. FMX was the very first porn artist I followed online. It was YEEEEARS ago-- which I know dates us both. -__-

    Muscle Otoko!! lol

  5. Fun interview! He SOUNDS adorable.

  6. I dont just sound adorable Eric... I AM adorable! Lol j/k I am a tragic mess. ;)