Monday, September 12, 2011

BENT-CON 2011 Update

Hey Everybody!

The Bent-Con website is up!
Get your tix now!

I hope to see all of yaz there!

Gonna be GrrrRRRREAT!

Stay Tuned - More to Come!


  1. so excited about you coming to Bent-Con

  2. I wanna go - but not sure if I can swing travel and expenses. SO bummed that Wondercon is not in SF in 2012!

  3. Fanboi, I'm not sure where you'd be traveling from, but flights are fairly inexpensive right now as American and US airways have specials to and from LA right now. Southwest prices haven't changed much yet since I bought mine in the summer.
    And I believe there are some on the Facebook fanpage lookin to split the cost by sharing a room with someone (It's a very nice hotel and the rooms are spacious). I hope that helps...I'd like to meet ya