Friday, March 1, 2013

Persistant Problems...

     It was the last day of February and I posted the remainder of the questions I had planned to post weekly through out the month. I can not begin to express how irritated and disappointed I am that I was not able to post them when I wanted and I wasn't able to include some of the art pieces I created to go along with them. 

I am currently having some VERY frustrating problems with my computer. It's not old enough to be giving me the grief that it is. If I could afford a new one, I'd really enjoy using my current one as a piñata!
While my computer is hopefully fixed, I won't be able to post new art for a little while. Once it is, I will go back and add the missing art pieces to some of those February post. 

I will hopefully be posting again very soon.
Sorry for the delay, Folks

Really wishing I had paid for more space on dropbox right now >:( 


  1. That's terrible! I'm sorry to hear about your comp troubles =(

    1. Thanks, Jubell. It's times like this that I miss traditional mediums over digital.

  2. Oy, been there. The best laid plans eh? You posted a lot of good ones this month. I wouldn't worry about it. :) I got my new PC in 2008 and I have days I want to throw it out the window myself. It's funny how quickly they can get 'old', eh? Keep up the good work.

    1. Best plans laid, Dino. best plans Laid.
      Thanks though, I'm proud of the post I put together for this month and appreciate hearing that they were enjoyed by my readers.
      I fortunately still have my laptop, which ironically is several years older than my desktop and doesn't give me half the grief. Unfortunately it doesn't have the space or memory to work from. If worse comes to worse, I can always recolor my art on it though.
      Anyways. Moving forward. Things are lookin' good to resume with my March post in a week or so - Here's hoping.