Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy Labor Day, Everybody!

I hope everyone's had a nice weekend.

Well, I gotta admit - I'm a little surprised to still see that my blog is up. I'm sure I was low on the list for those that Google was getting rid of, but their email was so cryptic that it sounded like I was a gonner for sure. 
I'm still not taking any chances. I'm still working on moving the blog, but since I am still up and I have a new computer (Yay!!!) I figured I'd give an update with another calendar guy. 

I actually just got my older computer back today. I'm assured it's in working condition again, but sadly I've lost all of the data that was on it. This has been a reality I've been struggling to accept for some time now. Losing that data, means I've lost about 7 years worth of work - not an easy loss to accept.
Now you may be asking why didn't I have it backed up...well one of the primary problems I was having with the computer was that it wasn't recognizing my external hard drives or dropbox. So backing up was one of many problems that progressively presented themselves as it became harder and harder for the bloody thing to just turn on. 
The damage of just how much work I've lost is still revealing itself, but I've grieved long enough. I'm back at work and have used this time away to create and RE-create a body of work that I am excited to share with you all very soon!

So stay tuned, my friends. 
Until then, have a GREAT week!


  1. I'm glad to see you're back for now (I hope you can eventually get a new computer as well)

    But I will say that your blog was never going to go down.

    That update for Blogger was just stating that they'd enforce a long time rule about monetized adult blogs. The aim of your blog is not to make money or link to places that make money- but instead to share art, information, and entertain. That development was more about people who are arms of advertising porn sites and such. You were fine ^.^

    Also- I'm sorry to hear that you lost all of that info! =(

    1. Thank you, Jubell.
      I guess it would have been easier for me to comprehend that if they had elaborated on how they define 'monetize.'
      This blog generates a small amount of income for me, so I was worried that i fell into the same category.

      The down side of being a mac user, is they are not as easy to replace as PCs. PCs seem to be easier (and cheaper) to recover data from as well.
      But I have my new mac now regardless. So back to work! :D

  2. Glad to see you back, and the calendar piece is hot! I love how you did the body hair, it looks real! He needs to do some plumbing at my place lol. Now.. back to work!!

    1. Thanks, Gene.
      I used to feel like I couldn't depict body hair very well. I felt my attempts at it made my toons look prickly or like they were cactus people.
      A year or so ago I made the conscious effort to attempt to add body hair to all of my guys with the intention of overcoming and correcting that.
      Your compliments allowed me to remember this and reflect on how far I've come.