Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Suck My Download Biaahtch!"

Rumor had it; my favorite Decepticon, Soundwave, is going to be appearing in the Transformers movie sequel. I was uber excited until I learned the rumors were true but he no longer will sport his arsenal of minions. He’s some kind of truck now, which makes me think he won’t have the cool voice anymore either.
I know folks don’t really use boom boxes anymore, but in today’s technological world, they could have thought up some kind of communications port or made up some kind of Cybertronian communication mode.
So instead of stewing about how much I hate Michael Bay, I decided to draw up my own interpretation of Soundwave. He was inspired by the cartoon series and the phrase “Suck my download, Biatch!”


  1. Soudwave was no truck..he was kick ass, bitching satellite!! awesome movie, long, loud and dumb..but just what a summer movie is expected to be!

  2. I stand corrected and RELIEVED! The source I read the info from was wrong about a few other things as well. As much as I hate getting the wrong information, I'm very happy it was.
    Thanks for the heads up, RDot.

  3. I still won't be seeing it. Nothing's as sexy as original SoundWave. (Next to your version of course ;) ) And no Transformers instance (not the movies, not that horrible new cartoon) is as good as the original series. You like... can't completely REDESIGN the Transformers. When will fuckers realize that?

    Also, you heard about "Skids and Mudflap?" Google "Transformers racist."

  4. Hey JC,

    Yes! I saw Skids and Mudflap. I was offended at first too but then I had to back up and remind myself. Everything Michael Bay does is a stereo type. They were useless characters. Not even funny.
    I wish a different director would take over. Transformers has so much mythology and lore that would appeal to more than the hetero male 12 year old. The movie has so much more potential than what a dumbass like Michael Bay knows what to do with.

    That said, I will end with a positive - The movie improved A LOT on the robo animation. It was nice to actually be able to see what was goin on when they fought. :)
    I give the movie a C- :) Entertaining, but nothin to hoot and holla bout or see a second time.

  5. O.M.G. Jezza! LOL! Soundwave with a Peni-Erectus?! O.o ... Me love it LOOOOONG time! LOL! Great job, btw! Colors are A+!