Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comicon 2009

What's happenin, folks?!

We're a week away from San Diego Comic Con 2009 and I'm so excited I just pee'd a little.
Yours truly is teamin' up with the incredible, Sean- Z, for this year's Comic Con. It's my first one so I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited.
If you will be attending, please s
top by and say "Hi."

In spirit of the 'Con' and with a great deal of respect for Sean-Z
, I created a piece of fan art.
I hope you like.
Your one stop shop for MYTH is
See ya at the 'Con.'


  1. I cant wait for you to get here! LOL! And I absolutely LOVE this image!!! Your rendition is just plain smexy! :)


  2. Ooh! Smexy is a success! Not easy to pull off bruised & bloody with Smexy :) So, I'm very glad YOU like it. Ultimate seal of approval for this piece.