Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geeks United

Wassup Everybody!

I'm home from my first Comic Con.
As insane as it was, I loved it. I met so many great people, it was a little strange to be so free to be so Geek.

One of the many highlights for me, was meeting THE Gay Comic Geek and his boyfriend, Steve. I'd have a hard time thinking anyone viewing my blog hasn't heard of him, but just in case you haven't. Paul performs a great service to both gay creators and fanboys alike by reviewing all things Geek & Gay. I personally, would still be unaware of a few great gay comics out there if it weren't for his reviews. Paul has a new website. Check him out.

Paul got me to thinkin bout some of the sites o
ut there for gay geeks that don't get the exposure they deserve. In agreement with him, I'm doin my part. Check out Fanboys of the Universe. I use it as my one stop shop for keepin up on whats goin on in the geek world. The calendar is my favorite feature so far.

And lastly, It feels like a new networking site pops up every other day. I'm tryin to keep it simple by using just ONE of them. So, if you'd like to keep up with me. Friend me on FaceBook.


  1. JEZZA!!! I can't believe you drew that! You are insane. But the piece is fucking hot as hell. It really does look like Paul. What did he say when you showed him?!

  2. Thanks JC.
    I did this version and a G-Rated one.
    Of course this one was a lot more fun.

    After meeting Paul and his boyfriend, I started some pencils of them together.

  3. This is beyond a doubt, one of the greatest works of art ever! I've used it everywhere! You have kick ass talent! Thanks so much!

  4. Paul,
    I can't tell ya how good it feels to have you like my work so much. It's a big gamble doing a caricature,so your response has been a BIG pay off for takin the risk.
    Thank you for what you do for gays and comics.