Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boy Meets Hero's Chayne Avery

This summer I was super surprised to learn I was sharing the same small city as the creators of Boy Meets Hero, Chayne Avery and Russel Garcia.
Upon meeting them, I was shown the largest collection of action figures I've ever seen and stayed up late playing video games. Suddenly, I was 8 years old again and wondering if my mom would let me stay the night so I could play with my new friends' toys.
Since then, our geek nights have become a regular event i
n addition to brainstorming sessions and sharing artwork. Both of them have blown me away with their array of talent from sculpting to illustrating and cartooning.
I've had so much fun getting to know these guys that when Chayne told me he put
up a blog, I decided to do an interview to share more about him with you guys.

Yesterday, Chayne sat with me and discussed the n
ew blog and the future projects. Being the pig that I am, I took the opportunity
to also probe him for the sexy goods I assume everyone likes to know

Chayne Avery: Art

What is your favorite part about drawing?
I love drawing the male body

What part do you like the least?
I don't like inking because it's so permanent. If you mess up, you have to fix it on the computer and I don't like doing that.

Who were some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?
The one who got me excited about drawing comics, back in college, was Jim Lee. These days, I'd say Ed McGinnis has influenced my style a lot; also artist like Ivan reis, Joe Phillips, and Ed Benes. They draw some of the hottest guys around!

Chayne Avery: An Insight

Trait you like most about yourself:
My imagination

Trait you like least in others:
Being judgmental or close minded

Which living person do you most admire?
George Lucas because he's one person who's created a whole universe in Star Wars that continues on.

What single super power would you like to have?
Omnipotence. I'd like to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want because I change my mind all the time!

Chayne Avery: Sex

Top or Bottom?

Character you'd most like to fuck?
No Question, Green lantern - Kyle Rayner.

Sexiest part on a man:
It's a tie between the chest, abs and of course, the dick!!!

Favorite Date:
Go out to dinner, then shopping for toys, then go home and screw!

Biggest Turn On:
Hot, Ripped, Muscly guys

Biggest Turn Off:

Sexiest thing a man can wear:
I like wife beaters or whatever they're really called.

How often do you beat off?
2 or 3 times a week

Most overrated thing about sex:
Emotional attachments. To me it's a fun activity to do when I'm horny. I also don't like how America treats it as a taboo. Like, it's okay to watch all kinds of gory violence, but watching two people getting it on is a no, no! WTF!?!

Most embarrassing sexual experience:
It was 1993, Russ and I were both 20 and it was our first year together. I was living in Roswell at my parents house during summer break from college. Russ and I lived four hours from each other and I missed him terribly during those weeks. We couldn't wait to see each other again so we could jump each others bones like we used to in the privacy of our dorm room.
One weekend, Russ came to visit. He arrived while my parents were at work and my brother and I were home. The three of us visited for a few minutes. After a while, my brother decided to run to McDonalds. So naturally, Russ and I took the opportunity to get busy! We burst into my room and started making out, grabbed each other's asses and put our hands down each others pants. Ya' know, the usual stuff. I wanted to tear his clothes off and go to town! We were so totally horned up, we didn't notice anything else going on around us. I was just about to pull Russ's dick out when my brother walked in to show us a stupid Jurassic Park cup he'd gotten at Mickey Dee's. Totally caught and embarrassed, we jumped off of each other faster than the Flash! My brother got out of there just as quickly! Luckily we were still clothed, so he didn't see much. Whew! Anyway, I think that weekend Russ and I had to have sex in my car after that!

What to Look Forward to from Chayne Avery

What are you currently working on?
Chayne: Right now we're redrawing the artwork for a Blue Comet and Fusion story we did a year ago, which was a follow up for Boy Meets Hero. It's called Titana Strikes. We did all of it on the computer in Illustrator to create vector images, but after a while, it got so tedious that we ran out of steam. So for the new pages we did beyond that, we went back to the pencil illustration. We really liked that new look so we're going back and are applying it to the vector stuff. That way, in the future, our printed comics will have a more consistent look.

Jezza: I like the new look too. It says a lot about your talent when your work is so much better than what the computer does.

Chayne: Thank you very much! I was hoping using vector art would save time, but it really didn't. Actually it made it more work. What we wanna do is put them all in a 32-p
age comic book and have it printed this time because it was only available for download in 12-page increments. We're gonna condense them together into 32 pages for print.

Jezza: How soon can we look for that?

Chayne: Hopefully in the beginning of the new year. I still have to redraw all of the pages then we're gonna scan them for recoloring.

Jezza: Sweet! That actually gives the people who've already read it, something fresh to look forward to as well.

Chayne: Yeah. And they'll actually get to have it in their hands. I know I've always preferred the physical comic book over a digital copy.

So there you have it, folks. Boy Meets Hero continues; giving us all the chance to enjoy more great adventures and art from Chayne. If you can't wait to read the stories in print, you can download them at In the meantime, check out more of his work on his new blog at
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Chayne. He packs an arsenal of talent and is a trully great guy (except when he's winning at video games).

I look forward to more interviews and sharing the goods about other great artist.
Until then, live life with a smile.

I love you guys,


  1. Awesome, AWESOME interview, Jezza! I can tel you two had a lot of fun with this exchange--it's also nice to get a bit "intimate" with the Artist/Co-creator of one of my favorite series! LOL!
    I'll definitely keep my eyes open for their upcoming release--but I'll admit: I'm a little jealous I cant join you all for the video game night! LOL!


  2. Thanks, Z! I had so much fun, I've made up a questionnaire to make "interviews" a regular thing. You're up next! :D

  3. We DID have a lot of fun! Thanks for the interview and all the kind words. Looking forward to the next game night.. get your thumbs ready ;)