Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Strip Down

As a veteran, myself, Veteran's Day means a lot more than just a day off.
Regardless of what country you're in today, remember those among you who take on the challenge of dealing with the bullshit of war and in the name of patriotism.
They serve to protect your way of life and enlist with a creed in honoring their country.
So, forgetting about stupid wars and the things politicians use these brave people to do, remember your vets today.

I can only speak for myself, but I just LOOOOOOVE when someone shows their gratitude for my service with a nice BJ or a good horny hole.
So there you have it, honor a vet today with a good servicing. :D

Happy Veteran's day, folks.


  1. LOL-- the parade was in front of my job and I wanted to show my gratitude to almost every vet who walked by! heheh!
    Awesome piece, buddy. Please e-mail me the non-watermarked version. k thanks!

  2. actually... and do u have a version with the Navy man alone...? lol

    Dont you love how I'm making all these demands of you? lol. No, think of them as... humble requests!

    humble and horny.

  3. and who am I to keep you humbled and horny? >:)

  4. I'll take all three please! :D