Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot Loads from Sean-Z

He's the founder of Rated-Z Studios and creator of MYTH.
Sean - Z shares his inspirations and hidden talents while inviting us to watch as he gives us his load.

SEAN - Z: An Insight

What are you doing when you're not drawing (or writing)?
"Playing with my 3 great danes, enjoying my spouse's com
pany or being social with friends. Oh! And video games...I'm a sucker for a really good, immersion-filled video game!"

What is your biggest indulgence?
"I allow myself to be a big kid as often as possible. LOL! I like to play in life."

What is your favorite quote?
" 'Do or Do Not - There is no Try,' - Yoda, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back"

Which living person do you most admire?

"Not to sound cliché...but the first two people that immediate
ly came to mind were my spouse, Rob - who is my constant reminder of what Love truly looks like. And our current President, Mr. Obama - for reminding me that everything is possible when I simply remain true to myself and my convictions."

Do you have any other talents outside of art and writing?
"Well, I've been told quite often I give spectacular head, LOL! On a more serious note, I can actually sing - I grew up singing in the church choir and thought for a hot minute, I'd actually pursue a career in Music."

What single super power would you like to have?
"The ability to Teleport anytime, anywhere without restrictio
ns or limitations."

If you had to replace your talent with another one, what would it be?
"If I had to? It would be to compose and write music. I admire
and respect people who can 'hear' music in their head before they commit it to paper and sound around them."


What project(s) are you currently working on?
"Outside of wrapping up Issue 2 of MYTH? I'm reformatting a
nd developing the Rated-Z site, putting together art for a follow up MYTH-related book - more source-bookish and vision-filled for what's to come. I'm finalizing my script for my first children's book and getting myself ready for a final pitch to a big studio at a shot for an animated film as well. I think that's enough for now, LOL!"

I know they seem inseparable for you, but if you had to choose, which would you do, write or draw?
"I have no idea. LOL! I suppose drawing, since it's what I've always done as early as I can remember. Writing is something I work at - often. Drawing for me is a bit more effortless, and second nature."

Who are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?
"So many...the handful that comes to mind, initially, are Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, the artist of CLAMP, Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Tom of Finland and a lot of other various anime artist who I can't recall by name, at the moment."

Which of your characters is most like you?
"That's hard to say actually. I suppose Deena is closer to me in disposition in some ways and V'riel's support, Koz, because we both are sticklers for doing things in an orderly and proper fashion."

Which of your characters would YOU most like to be like?
"V'riel probably. He's a very "now" kind of guy - he lives in the moment, doesn't over-think things, and doesn't bat an eye at what drives/motivates him
to do the things he does."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?
"Modern day architecture bores me to tears and sexual situations that hold no truth or authenticity for me. That being said, I tend to draw things I don't like from time to time, only and especially only if the story dictates a need for it."

Do you have any tips or tricks for overcoming blocks in creativity?
"Yes. If I'm blocked with whatever I'm currently working on, I immediately shift to something else; whether that be creating, doodling out other concepts, or getting out of the house to step away from the work for a bit. Stepping away is always great be
cause once I return to the project, I can do so with fresh eyes and a refurbished perspective. That helps me a lot."


Top or Bottom?
"Both. I'd be bored sexually, otherwise. LOL!"

Sexiest thing a man can wear:
"A great SMILE. ;)"

Does your dick have a name?
" 'Mr.Happy' "

How often do you beat off?
"At least several times a week...I don't really keep count."

What is your fetish?
"I have a huge Voyeur festish - to watch mostly...or being watched."

Most embarassing sexual experience:
"My 23rd birthday, in Chicago with a guy who was incredibly smooth. He was so smooth that once we got things going all hot and heavy, we worked up so much sweat that I literally slid off his body and onto the floor below - several times. LOL!"
JezzNote: Sean is about 6'4. Picture him slipping off some naked smoothy! XD

How big is "Too Big?"
"Anything I either A.) can't wrap my lips around comfortably, or B.) I can throw over my shoulder and burp."

Thank you, Sean- Z, for taking the time to share yourself with us. You have been a lot of fun! You've managed to surprise me, make me laugh, and turn me on!

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