Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jezz Loads

Happy NEW Year!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying their start to 2010. In spirit of a clear direction I want to take this blog, I've given it a name, JEZZ LOADS.
I'm startin some new "traditions" to the blog; startin with a monthly Calendar Guy. Calendar Guys will be posted in wallpaper size for your desktop convenience and note the birthdays of folks in the world of gay comics and erotic art. If you forgot or didn't know, both Silencio and JC Etheredge celebrated birthdays this past week. It's never too late to show them some love. Boy Meets Hero's Chayne Avery will be celebrating his on the 21st.
Speaking of Chayne, I had so much fun interviewing him, I decided to make my questionnaire a regular post as well. You can look forward to an intellectual and lusty insight into some of your favorite artist. And of course I've got LOADS more art cummin your way, from fan and slash to original works. I've got a couple of surprises in store too!
It's gonna be a great year and I couldn't be more excited!
Happy New Year, Everybody!!!


  1. I just learned the amazing Sean Platter, aka Sean Splatter, celebrates his birthday this month too!
    Send him some birthday love at!

  2. OOOOOOOOOO u r a big boi!!

  3. Thanks, ok if I call you Mike? :)

    A Big Boi, indedd,Pete! You're response was priceless. Those were the exact words I kept imagining when I drew him up.

  4. I could live in this guy's foreskin. ;) Nice pit and pube rendering.

    AND Thanks for the bday shout, bro. No more 20s for me! >___<