Monday, February 15, 2010

Joe Phillips

This week's feature is the one an only, Joe Phillips. You know him for his Joe Boys, The House of Morecock, and Stonewall & Riot. In this Jezz Load Q&A, Joe shares his wisdom, experience, and guilty pleasures.


If you had to replace your talent with another one, what would it be?
"Mind Control!"

How old were you when you came out?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

"Christians and Republicans"

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

"Ursula the sea witch. I simply adore her"

How would you like to die?
"Having sex with Sam Worthington or a hundred years fr
om now with my robot children all around me."

When is it OK to lie?
"It's never Okay to lie unless you are being confronted by the KKK and they ask if you slept with that white boy."

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

"Hooking up with guys way hotter than me."


You are quite the Renaissance man, when it comes to art. You illustrate, animate, paint, and sculpt. Do you have a favorite?
"Simple drawing takes the top but I love paper sculpting a lot now."

Who were/are some of your biggest influences on your a
rtistic style?
"Hate to say, but early on I was a John Bryne clone. As soon as I found Anime like G-Force, I was so Manga. Then I liked Walt Simonson and somewhere along the way I found myself and now my art looks like none of that."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?


You've worked in the comic industry for a long time. What words of wisdom do you have for those lookin to make a career for themselves?

"Give up the idea of the one project that will make you a star
. Learn to like Ramen noodles. Work hard but be smart, listen to creative criticisms, and don't be afraid to fail. Take time to do life drawings. Go to restaurants and draw people. Get use to capturing the little things on paper. Make your art emotional to you. And don't copy other artist, it makes you incorporate their flaws into your style and besides they already have that guy, they want someone new."

What tips can you offer for overcoming blocks in creativity?
"Say these 7 words over and over and it erases all creativ
e blocks: 'Would you like fries with that, sir?' If that doesn't scare you silly and lift creativity, you need more help than I can give."

What are you currently working on?
"The next House of Morecock animated film due out later this year."

Jonas Morecock will be back in a second movie and you've been working hard on several mainstream pitches. What's ahead for your duo, Stonewall and Riot?
"Maybe a second film, but I think if we did it, I would do it in 2D and make it more comic book like."


Top or Bottom:
"Top, but if there is a diamond ring, I'll think about other positions. That and if Sam Worthington or Chris Evans asked me to, I'd flip."

Favorite Position:

"One of Power"

Sexiest Thing a Man Can Wear:
"Board Shorts"

When does size matter?
"On a pay check"

Does your dick have a name?

Most Embarrassing Sexual Experience:
" I had sex with a friends step-father while he was sleep in the other room when I was 17."

Favorite Thing to do After Sex:

"Go Home"

Thank you, Joe for making time to let us know more about you and to share the wisdom of your experience with us.
For those of you who didn't know, Joe just celebrated his birthday this weekend. Stop by his website and leave some love on his guestbook.
Happy Birthday, Joe!


  1. Awesome artist, and a super sweet guy. Oh! and great words of wisdom, bro!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more, Ice