Monday, May 10, 2010


So, not too long I was checkin out someone's blog (can't remember who's) and through browsin their links, I discovered Mauleo. I was immediately a fan. Mauleo's work features some of my favorite stylizations- Oversized muscles, exaggerated dicks, and HUGE cum loads.

An Insight

What are you doing when you're not drawing or creating?
"Watch TV, Internet, Games...mostly do things alone, I'm sort of anti-social."

How old were you when you came out?

"I believe it was when I was 11. I told a teacher's assistant that was trying to lecture me of something. Well, he gain my trust by saying things that only a three year old would believe and I just spit it all out. What can I say? I was naive. After that, everything just went crazy - best friend kept distance and family madness, but people forget after a few years. Right now I just avoid talking about my sexual life with my family."

Favorite guilty pleasure:
"Masturbate when I'm drawing (OMG that supposed to be a secret...)

Which living person do you most admire?

"George Takei"

What single super power would you like to have?
"Mind Control"

What would you use it for?
"Oh, I would change the whole world GAY with it ^_^"

If you had to replace your talent with another one, what would it be?

"The brain of Albert Einstein. Maybe I can discover a new clean energy."

MAULEO: Art & Comics

Who were some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?
"My artwork studies mostly comes from Japanese Manga. I used to use comic books for reference. Now I can draw without peeking...but I'm still struggling to find my own style."

Which comic or cartoon hero is most like you?
"Charlie Brown"

Which comic or cartoon villain is most like you?

What is your favorite part about drawing?

"I can create my fantasies and of course make my own porn."

What is your least liked part about drawing?"Inking and Coloring"

Is there anything you don't like drawing?
"Backgrounds. Because it's always not the focus of my art, but people do notice if it's done sloppy."

What project(s) are you currently working on?

"Hercules Power Up Chapter 2"


Top or Bottom:
"I'm not a fan of anal sex, but I would say bottom. (I've had only one anal sex experience, I was bottom)"

Fictional Character you'd most like to fuck:
"Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation. Ya. I have a thing for cyborg ^_^ "

Do you have a type?

"I like tall guys with big hands; maybe a little chubby"

Sexiest thing a man can wear:

"Black Briefs. I like it simple."

Biggest Turn On:
"Right Guy. Right Place. Right Time"

Biggest Turn Off:
"Grey underwear and when it gets too rough, I like it gentle"

How big is too big?

"When it gets stuck and I have to call 911"

Thank you, Mauelo, for participating in my Q&A and giving us the opportunity to know more about you. You're a great artist and story teller. I am lookin forward to Chapter 2 of Hercules Power Up.

Next week, my tribute to Asian & Pacific Islander History Month continues with the goods on Muscle-Manga Boy, Monkeygogo.


  1. Oh awesome xD
    He is one of my fav artists and yet i didnt knew too much about him until now o_o

  2. Thanks DevilMan! I'm sure Mauleo appreciates knowing that.
    I know I do.

    Mauleo lives in a country where he could get in trouble for doing his art, so I'm all the more a fan of his.

  3. Thank you for sharing the link! I had no idea he was over here ^^

    It so neat being able to see the mind behind that great comic

  4. My pleasure, Jubell. I gotta agree with ya. It was very nice to learn about the artist on such a personal basis.
    Check back regularly because my Q&As have provin themselves worthy of staying on as a regular monthly posting. I'm very excited about the line up I have set up for the next couple of months!