Monday, May 17, 2010


I've heard a saying that every artist is creating a subconscious self-portrait in every piece of work he creates. If that is true, I am dying to meet this weeks feature, Monkeygogo.
The BBC (British Born Chinese - isn't that adorably hilarious? Monk is the one who put me on to that...I'm rambling) artist illustrates muscled studs in an original Manga-ish style that leaves me inspired. Read on to get a glimpse of how much the artist has in common with his illustrations. Monkeygogo's perverse and can-do attitude is just as hot as his work.

An Insight

Do you have any other talents outside of art?
"Cooking is my talent! I come from a family of cooks so I've inherited a keen interest in food and preparation My BF enjoys my curries - which I take pride in making."

What single super power would you like to have?

"Pausing Time! I could do so much with that - MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Think about all the men you could touch with that power and get away with it!"

What would you use it for?
"Definitely not for good. I would go around pausing time causing much havoc and mahem for men with muscle everywhere."

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

"Checking myself out in the mirror - or any reflective surface anywhere"

What is your biggest indulgence?

"My biggest indulgence is a McDonalds 'Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin.' It's dirty but I like it!"

Is there a creed or motto you live by?

"Oh yeah - be yourself and don't let anybody tell you what you can and can't do. Be free!"

What are you doing when you're not drawing?
"I enjoy cooking a lot so I would probably be doing that, though I try and visit the gym as often as often as I can. that and probably jerking off. :P "

MONKEYGOGO: Art & Comics

What project(s) are you currently working on?
"Currently I got a few things going on for my blog, but I gotta keep it quiet and reveal it as time comes. The problem is that work is a bit demanding as I've recently been promoted and as a result there's more responsibilities for me to take on :( However my Monkeygogo work is my life so I'll try to do as much as I can but bare with me, guys."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?
"Yunno I think there's very little I won't attempt to draw. I'll give anything a try but on the whole I guess I'd say I wouldn't draw women - not that there's anything wrong about the female form - I'm just saying I'd draw females the least cos my interests are in male forms."

What is your favorite part about drawing?

"My favourite part is drawing the lines! It might sound stoopid but it's very special in my mind - you can never draw 2 lines a like so the one you decide to keep is kinda really special. Each drawing is very unique and personal to oneself. Everybody has their own style and its great to see how it reflects one's character."

What part of drawing do you like the least?

"Oooo I don't think there is a part I like the least - though it's probably the final stage where i have to crop the image to better frame it. I get so precious with the image that I don't want to see anything removed but it does happen."

Who were/are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?

"Personally an artist called Nakatax began my obsession, however, Takeshi Matsu is currently my favourite - I really like the way he draws bodies and faces - I've tried to learn what I can from looking at his work"

Who is your favorite fictional villain?
"Ooooooooo favourite villain must be the Borg Queen from tar trek - and here I reveal my geeky side"

Which comic or cartoon hero is most like you?

"I really don't know - I don't know any cartoon heroes as perverted as me ;) "


Top or Bottom:
"BOTH! ... At the same time - I'll be in the middle LOL
I'd like to point out that the orgasm differs so much from being top to bottom - so really it depends on what I'm after. I'm versatile do I don't really stick to one, though I guess at a push i probably bottom more than I top."

2 Celebrities you'd jump into a threesome with:
If I can mix and match any 2 celebs to do a threesome with it'd have to be Sam Worthington and Hugh Jackman - just cos they're only 2 I can think of at this moment though. I'm sure there's loads more!"

Does your dick have a name?
"HAHA I can only reveal that if you share the same bed as me ;) "

How often do you beat off?
"I do it about 1x a day at least but I guess twice is kinda normal (one in the morning and one in the evening)"

What's your fetish?
"I don't think I actually have one - though for me, I get turned on when you get the massage oils out - it gets messy but it feels so good all slimy all over."

Most embarrassing sexual experience:
"Being caught off guard wearing the worst underwear ever!!!
You know those few pairs you have lying around which you keep cos they're so comfortable, but they're completely worn out of shape and the elastics all gone?
Yeah. Don't wear those when you think you're gonna go out and get some!"

How big is "Too Big?"

"Hmmm I dunno. I personally can take a lot so long as it's still in the realm of being human. I don't think I'll have much problem. I actually got myself what I would consider a massive dildo - Eric Hanson Falcon Supercock - and I can just about take that all in.
Problem is it makes me cum really quickly so i guess it kinda backfires if you want to have more fun."

Thank you, Monkeygogo. I love your work and really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you.
If the thought of Gogo takin a super sized cock isn't enough for you, check out his studs and their own super cocks on his blog.


  1. W00T i love Monkey!!!!!!
    He was one of the first artists i meet in the bara/muscle art side
    Cool interview and awesome final answears xD
    Hes actually very hawt on physical form x3

  2. Yes, Devilman, I have to agree. Gogo has a sexy bod. he's posted a pic of it on his site.

    Devil thanks, for always commenting. Your feedback is appreciated. Please email me if there are any questions for future Q&A's you would like answered that you haven't seen asked yet.