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He's the creator of comic titles, The Pornomicon, Porky, and the artist for Demios.
Logan is known for his beefy and bearish guys with over-sized, meaty cocks. So you can understand why I love his work.
Logan's work
radiates testosterone with an S&M-ish feel to it and expresses a pride in homosexual sex in such a bold way, it often reminds me of the way Tom of Finland's work affected the industry of erotic arts.
Logan describes himself as a 'total sex maniac.' You don't have to take his word for it, but after interviewing him, I'd vouch for it. ;)

: An Insight

How old were you when you came out?


What is the trait you like most about yourself?

"My big fat c... nose"

Which living person do you most admire?

"David Lynch or Mike Patton"

What single super power would you like to have?
"Shape shifting"

What would you use it for?

"Psychopat stuff with straight men"

Which super villain is most like you?
"Catwoman! We both want to be fucked hard by the Batman"

What are you doing when you're not drawing or creating?

"Play guitar, read comic books."


Who were/are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?
"John Buscema and Byrne. Mignola and Timm. And recently, Urazawa, Risso and Immonen. But they are more inspirations than influence. I'd like to think I find my own style by now."

What project(s) are you currently working on?

"I actually finish Demios 2 and I'm working on both Porky 4 and 5."

What is your favorite part about drawing?

"Story-boarding and sketching, the rest is just technique"

What part of drawing do you like the least?

"Drawing the same thing twice because I didn't save my file that damn software crashes again!"

You've described yourself as a sex maniac. Do you ever draw anything that is a turn off?
"Well, I have the chance to draw exclusively what I want so I draw only what turns me on.
Even in Demios, Patrick Fillion manage to write hot things I could have write myself. He understand perfectly what kinda of sick little pervert i can be... Aha

Do you have any words of wisdom for those of us aspiring to make a career for ourselves in the comic world?
"If you want to be published and take the job seriously, you have
to consider what exactly we are talking about. Making a comic book is not just drawing nicely. You have to realize that you are a storyteller (even if you are only the penciller and you work with a writer- you still have to tell a story with your drawings). It's the most important thing. if you're not concerned about the backgrounds, the scene transitions, the rhythm of a scene, the framing and all that stuff that helps storytelling, then you're just an illustrator (not a bad thing - but it's a different job) and you'd probably do yourself a favor making art books instead of comic books. reading comic books and analyzing what you read is the best way to learn. Now for the drawing technique and the skill, the only thing that works is practice!"

It's not all fun and games, being an erotic comic artist. What would you say are/or have been some of the biggest challenges in the industry for you?

"Not to be influenced by criticism or what other people wanted you to draw. You know, when you're an erotic comic artist, you tell a lot about your own sexual f
antasies. You don't do that for money, it has to be a very genuine act. So, I have been criticized about the size of my character's cock or because (especially in Porky) some people didn't like the amount of dialogue. Other people find that there is no genuine feelings in Porky (which is wrong, there's a lot of feelings, but not 'only-feel-good ones' for sure). Well, I draw giant cocks because I love giant cocks, I write dialogues because I want to characterize my protagonist. And I'm not writing Super-Duper so, yes, I mix domination, violence, horror, porn, humor, and everything useful to tell my story properly! So to resume, you have to draw sincerely what you have in mind and not what you think people would like to read. Then, you'll find your true readership."

AMEN, Logan. Amen! As someone who draws exaggerated dicks, myself, I couldn't agree with you more. Besides, a cartoonist once told me, "If you're going to cartoon something - do something that can't be done with a real person, otherwise that's what photos are for."
I like to draw exaggerated hands and feet too, but people aren't so quick to comment bout those. I'm with ya, brother. I don't think big dicks should be something we have to be embarrassed about. ;) Anyways... movin' on...


Top or Bottom:
"Actually Top, but I used to be bottom once or twice. But when I'm in front of a big cock, I'm on my knees."

What would be the circumstances for you to flip?
"Circumstances, I to be raped by a bunch of angry bikers..."

How often do you beat off?
"OMG, everytime I draw something really hot, I have to stop and beat the meat."

Biggest Turn On:
"Pig squealing"

Biggest Turn Off:
" 'Sexy' underwear"

Most over rated thing about sex:
" rim-job (Jeeez! What a waste of time, c'mon let's fuck!)"

Most embarrassing sexual experience:
"One night, I was walking my way home. I saw a drunken man asleep on a public bench. I opened his flies and try to suck his cock. The man didn't react so I just let him sleep and continued my walk. I'm not proud of that... Well, not entirely."

Thank you, Logan!
I have a feeling the comic Porky is more autobiographical than fiction.
The biggest thrill for me in doing these Q&As is the excitement of getting to know the artist behind all the smut. Logan is no exception. I have a new found fascination with him. He is silly and piggish and I find it hot. I'm gonna admit, I got wood when he sent me the pic of him with a big cheeky grin and an even bigger cucumber. When someone is as upfront with their sexuality as Logan is, I can't help it, I get turned on.

Demios #2 was just recently released along with a few other Class Comic titles. If you haven't already got yours, you can order it at You can also check out more of Logan's work in the latest issue of the French fanzine, Dokkun.

Until next time folks, have a beautiful week!


  1. A very interesting artist who pushes a lot of boundaries. Well done!

  2. lmao the last answer was a blast xD

    Oh the tips he give for comics are incredible usefull. Great interview again and i hope snatch more of his works soon xD

  3. Excellent interview, Jezza! Learning more things about Logan here was definitely informative AND eye-opening...not to mention, deliciously arousing.

    I'd fuck em. ;)

  4. Well said, Eric. Well said. ;)

    I agree with Devil, that last answer was a hoot. I kept imagining the drunk wearing a santa hat.

    And thanks, Sean. Logan made for a great completion to my Class Comics trinity over the last few months. His interview actually sparked new questions I've added to future Q&As. :)

  5. My Goodness.

    Jezza...did you send him that giant vegetable just to take a photograph with? You can tell me. I won't tell anyone ~_^

    Also wow, he didn't come across as a sex maniac to me one ever does LOL. And I'm glad he's so down to earth too! He's witty and fun sounding, and my vision of him was always gruff and stogie smoking.


    I thought Logan would be like Wolverine.

    I guess that makes me crazy.

    I picture Jezza lookin' like the black guy from CSI

    That may also define me as crazy. O.o

  6. a cartoonist once told me, "If you're going to cartoon something - do something that can't be done with a real person, otherwise that's what photos are for."

    yea that was me. ;) i think it was in the gym- in between bench presses.
    i am wise. lol

    nice interview bro!