Sunday, August 1, 2010


It's August people.
We're 8 months into 2010 and those of us in the northern hemisphere have about one and a half months left of summer. I feel like this year is goin' so fast if I stop to think about last month, I might get whiplash.

This month is ass-packed with birthdays!
Muscle-Daddy and Photographer, Tom Bianchi, celebrates another year today. Rated-Z Studio's Sean-Z deserves birthday spankings on the 7th. French artist, S├ębastien Di Fazio will be having birthday cosmos on the 10th. Punkster-artist, Drub, will be sportin' his birthday boots on the 14th. On the 26th, you might catch Patrick Fillion in a classy birthday suit. Cartoonist, Chris DeCarlo, brings in another year on the 28th. And faithful blog commentator/artist, Jubell, will be havin a birthday blast on the 29th.
Most of these artist are on Facebook (and I think twitter as well), so you can show them some love on there or you can send them a friendly birthday wish through their emails on the sites I've linked their names to.

This month's Q&A is with French artist, Logan. The "sex maniac" lets us in on how he ticks and what makes him oink. You won't be disappointed.

This month will be a light month in fan art from yours truly, but rest assured the small load this month is because I'm workin up a big load to spray ya with very soon.

Happy August, folks, and have grrrrreat week this week!


  1. Holy crud, what a month to have babies O.O

    You know, I noticed on Y!gallery that a lot of the artist are Leos and Virgos as well...I wonder if that means anything O.O