Monday, July 26, 2010

Next Month

Here's one last fan piece of Class characters for the month.

It's been a lot of fun sharing Patrick Fillion with everyone this month. Next month, I will complete the trinity of Class Comic artist with a Q&A with sex pig and
artist of Demios, LOGAN.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. buen dibujo, me gusto mucho la sombra que haces
    me gusto tu blog... saludos :)

  2. Make my birthday month hot Jezza. I'm counting on you! ^___^

  3. Oh wow! Not only is Deimos my favorite Class character...Logan is my favorite Class artist! Thanks for some truly great Q&A's and some wonderful fan art.

  4. Wow, nice work here :D. I love the way you drew his body and thats a nice cock there too :)

  5. Gracias, x5_Lynch. No le dice cómo es emocionado debo conseguir mi primer comentario del no inglés. Me plazco también muy tenerle como ventilador. Lo siento si mi español mal.

    Jubell, When is your birthday? And do have a favorite character? (not making any promises)

    Thank You, Chubs! Logan is a great artist and I love what he does with Demios. You will enjoy his Q&A.

    Akage-Kun, I appreciate your compliments. I originally wanted to pay tribute to the artist, Logan and give him more of a "bearish" physique but when the abs came, I couldn't let them go.

  6. I am loving all this fanarts of the demonic characters!!!!!!!

  7. i want to see more of your work