Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wassup Everybody?

Summer's here, Pride is in the air, and I'm workin' hard on some hot projects I can't wait to share with you guys.
In the mean time, I've got a line up of Q&As you're gonna love and more fan art than ever. But before I throw you the first of those loads, take a minute to write down this month's birthdays so you can show these artist some love.
Sexy mainstream artist, Phil Jimenez, celebrates another year of hotness on the 12th. So Super Duper's funny man, Brian Andersen deserves some birthday love on the 17th. And the delicious puppet-fister, Will Tyler, gains another year of yum on the 26th. Show them some love, folks.

This month's Q&A is with the one, the only, PATRICK FILLION!!!
That's right! Class Comics creator, Patrick Fillion. He gave such a great load, I can't deny you a drop. It was so delicious, I'm gonna give it to you in 3 servings so you can savor his salty-sweet goodness. So check back next week and open wide.

Enjoy your weekend, folks


  1. That pic is mega hotness I did the colors and everything just REALLY well.

    And how'd you wrangle a Patrick Fillion interview. You got connections ~_^

  2. Thanks, Jubell - very glad you like my chocolate smoothy.

    I can't say i did anything extraordinary to get a Q&A with Patrick. I've just been very fortunate in my efforts of reaching out to the greats out there. :)
    You're gonna love his Q&A.

  3. That is a hot pic... just love your work

  4. Damn you, and your delicious penises on equally delicious men-folk, Jezza!
    *droolz more*