Friday, July 9, 2010

Lightning Festish

This month's feature artist, Patrick Fillion, inspired a frenzy of fan art from yours truly. So, each week this month I'll be givin' you a load or two of my own ;)

I've learned Patrick and I have a ton in common. For starters, we share Storm among our favorite comic characters. Storm has been my favorite since I picked up my first X-Men book in 1990. I wanted her powers and wanted to rule a mob of people lurking in the shadows. I used to run around quoting her melodramatic lines from the 90's cartoon series like, "Storm - Mistress of the elements commands you!" or "Arrrrrtic winds, make ICE!"
ok. So I still run around quoting her, but the bitch is BAD!

In spirit of sharing favorite characters with Patrick, I took the opportunity to do my favorite of his characters. Felix Himmer, aka Naked Justice, is exactly the type of hero I would be in a world of supers. I'd run around naked, cock-shocking bad guys and ass pounding studs in peril.

I'll have more fan art for ya next week after the next portion of Patrick's Q&A.
Have a great weekend, folks.


  1. Who doesn't love Storm! She's is like the all-time rockin' black woman of Comic books.

  2. Great pieces! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Exactly, Jubell, Exactly. ;)

    Thanks, Michael.It was a great weekend. I hope yours was as well. I haven't forgotten about your Superman fetish. I'm playing with a few different ideas. But finding the time to commit to any of them has been the hard part.

    And thank you, Wonder. I kept repeating, "Hey Sista, Soul Sista Soul Sista" in my head while drawing her.