Monday, July 19, 2010


WOO HOO!!! 100 Followers!
You like me. You really like me! Hehehehe

Thank you, everyone!
Thank you for the feedback and thank you for the encouragement. Thank you to all of the great artist who've participated in my Q&A. You guys have made maintaining this blog fun and something I look forward to.
This blog has come a long way since I started it a lil' over a year ago. And I've learned most blogs don't last that long. SO I wanna celebrate. I'd like to take recommendations. Any ideas on what you'd like to see to mark the occasion?


  1. A daisy train featuring all 100 of your followers! haha

  2. W00T!! Congratulations ^____^

    100 really is a big deal. No requests from but that you keep doin' what chu' do baby! =D

  3. Congrats!! I do like JCs idea. LOL. But if I was really selfish, I'd say mark the occassion with a picture of me as a sexy Superman. LOL.

  4. just keep the good stuff coming

  5. I agree with besmore... lets see a comic of YOU!
    I love your art and have put your July calander, and link to your blog, on my blog. Please let me know if that is ok. (dont want to use your stuff if you are not cool with it.) Keep up the fantastic art.

  6. Thanks for the fun ideas,fellas. I guess it is time for a better self portrait. I'll leave it for the rest of the week to see if any other ideas come up.

    oh and Aaron, no problem at all. The calendars are for your use and I appreciate the link.