Monday, May 16, 2011

The Gay Comic Geek

I don't think this month's feature needs any introduction. He's the one and only - Gay Comic Geek. Every artist has his muse and my muse is Paul. I don't know why. I see him and I have to draw him.
So without further delay...

The GAY COMIC GEEK: An Insight

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
"Eating chocolate frosting from a can."

Cats or Dogs:
"Dogs, definitely."

Which living person do you most admire?
"Stan Lee. The reason is pretty obvious."

If you could have dinner with 3 dead people, who would they be?
"None, I don't like Zombies. When the apocalypse comes, I'll be ready."

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
"Heterosexual Virginity - 17
 Homosexual Virginity - 20 (Wait. Does this include oral sex? Cause, if so, then 19)"

What would you list as some of your talents?
"Haha, uh I don't know. Does drinking count?
I can roll my tongue."

What single super power would you like to have?
"Everyone says flying or super strength, but for me - telepathy. Xavier style telepathy.
Of course the way I'd use it, I'd probably be considered a villain. I'd so use it for bad and naughty purposes."

The GAY COMIC GEEK: Vlogging & Comics

What comic villain are you most like?
"Haha! Wow, uh - Zoom. Reverse Flash. I'd want heroes to be better, so I'd probably do stuff that Zoom does to make them better. Don't forget, most villains don't think of themselves as villains. They think of themselves as heroes trying to help others or to take over the world for the better good."

What is your favorite part about vlogging?
"It's conceded of me, but I like the responses people give me. I used to not like attention, but now it seems like I'm craving it more and more."

Which part of vlogging do you like the least?
"Bigoted comments from gay haters. It comes with the territory, but still it sucks getting bad comments almost on a daily basis."

You've become somewhat of a celebrity among gays and geeks. Has this affected you or your life?
"Not yet. I work my butt of at my job and I try to designate a portion of my time to my vlogging life, but nothing really has changed yet. Most of my friends that I interact with on a daily basis hardly even watch my vids, so they don't even know what I talk about half the time."

Do strangers recognize you on the street?
"I'll get a person asking if I'm the GCG, but it's not that often. Sometimes at Cons I'll get it, but again it's not that often. If someone does stop me, I'm so flattered that I usually take a pic of the person myself so that I can remember that someone actually knew me."

You've mentioned in your vlogs that you have stories that you've written and the makings of your own super hero universe. Are there any plans to share that world with your fans or is it just a private hobby? I'm sure there are a lot of artist out there who wouldn't mind drawing for you.
"Maybe one day, but I'm also very secrative about my works. I've always been afraid of the criticism that I'd receive being that I'm such a huge comic book geek and then writing something that my potentially be bad. So, I may do it one day."

When can we expect a naked post from you?
"Haha! Funny you should say that. Not sure if I should reveal anything about that right now."


From now on, every time I see you I will recall you making the statement, "..but I will be a bottom-boy-bitch depending on what's goin' on." 
Describe a scenario that brings that out in you.
"Well, honestly, the guy has to be masculine, rough, and tougher than me. I can't see myself as a bottom to someone that I can hold down and overpower. It just doesn't turn me on and I can't submit cause it would just be boring and really degrading to me. If there's muscle and forcefulness involved and I'm weaker, then it's really hot cause this guy is making me his boy. I'm the toughest guy on the block, but there's no way I'm the weakest either."

Spit or Swallow?
"Spit, but if he jizzes in my mouth, he better have been damn good in bed for me to ignore the fact that he just jizzed in my mouth."

You like toys. Do you use any on Steve or yourself? (ie. dildos, shock rings, paddles, etc.)
"Tried some toys like dildos. Never a paddler. I don't get the hype in spanking someone, unless it's playful spanking that doesn't turn the guy's ass blood red, which is disgusting to me. There have been cuffs and flesh jacks."

Most over rated thing about sex:
"Actual penetration. There are so many other things that can be done during sex, that a lot of people skip over and go straight to penetration."

You've mentioned you have a fetish for what I'm gonna call "tentacle rape." What are some of your other fetishes?
"Forceful scenarios. I'm not saying rape, but I like when guys are being manhandled, somewhat against their will. Of course I like them to resist at first but then give in cause they enjoy it. That's my biggest turn-on."

Most embarassing sexual experience:
"Haha! I came a little quickly once. But that wasn't the embarrassing part. What was bad about it was that I came all over his new shoes that were stained afterwards. I felt so bad after that and he never called me again."

How big is "Too Big?"
"Anything over 9 inches is out of my territory and into many other people's realms."

Thank you, Paul. For everything you do. 
I know that you don't get many "thank you's" in your day job as a drug counselor. So, thank you for doing the community of human beings a great service by taking on a job that most can't handle. On top of this, thank you for reviewing indie gay comics. There are several comics that I was not familiar with until your reviews. And of course, thank you for the interview! 

Paul the Gay Comic Geek, Everybody!

Are you as anxious to know more about this "naked video post as I am? Well, he's kept it hush hush for now, but I'm sure when he does it, the best place to find out about it is his web site,

Make this week a great one!


  1. what a good read love to see a drawing of the 2 of you

  2. I have heard much of this person but never actually seen their vlog. I assumed they were actually on blogspot somewhere.



  3. Great interview,,,, It was great to see the the art from start to the finished product.. Love the passion in you and in what you do.

  4. Lol love how we had the same zombie comment about having dinner with dead people. I would want to read his storylines myself. No need tone scared of ridicule.

  5. Naked pix of the GCG?! Do tell!

  6. OK...
    Thanks everyone! I'm really glad you guys enjoyed this interview.

    Besmore, as soon as I make Paul my bitch boy bottom, I'll be sure to draw a re-enactment of it. :D

    Jubell, I honestly took for granted that my interviews do make some people aware of people for the first time. Thank you very much for reminding me of that. I will type up a proper summary of Paul and what he does very soon.

    Angel and Wonderman, your compliments are sincerely appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to share them.

    FMX, I'm sure Paul will appreciate the encouragement as much as I do. I would love to read his story lines as well.

    And Iceman, believe me, I'm waiting for em - myself.

  7. Holy Creamsicles Batman!!! Great interview. Paul talked openly about things he's only hinted about on his channel. Everything i wanted to ask him but didn't seem appropriate from someone he only know online.

    I would love to see his comics come to life. You know his plots would be great from his reviews/critiques.

    I can see why he is your muse. Your artwork of Paul is spermtastic!

    Again, thanks for great interview, I hope to see your work in the future.

  8. I love Gay Comic Geek, I love his A Gay Collab videos because they're multidimensional and I like hearing them talk about their lives and how they came to terms with not only their sexuality, but themselves.

    I also learned some things about Paul in this interview that I'd never heard him say before on videos from his channel and AGC