Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of exaggerated and cartoony art styles. So, you can see why I was an instant fan of the work from big boy artist, BeefyBlimps. Beefy's work swells with masculinity and pops with testosterone. The lust in his work seems to drip a humor that made me eager to know more about him and after interviewing him, I want to know even more!


Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
"Slacking off. Beating off in the woods.
Ok - Kidding, but had to rouse your peanut gallery.
Hey, look alive people."

What are you doing when you're not drawing?
"Escaping reality. Dreaming about disappearing into nature. Living in a city really makes you appreciate the green in the world. 
Training myself to relax. I'm pretty high strung. Like a high strung house cat.
On Ritalin."

Do you have any other talents outside of art?
"I've been playing the violin for about 15 years. Wish I could play it more often."

What single super power would you like to have?
"Wow. I'd love to be able to inflate things and to turn things into balloons - Anything. Everything. People. It's kind of my deep dark secret."

What would you use it for?
"Take a peek at the blown up beefers in my art and ye shall knoweth. ;-)"

Which living person do you most admire?
"Zoinkz! Maybe not just one, but I admire all the gay kids in the deep South, and in worse parts of the world. They endure anti-gay angst so visceral you could chop it with a machete and lynch the damn thing. 
Troop on, ye sassy sassafrasses."

How would you like to die?
"I wouldn't mind falling off something - like a satellite. Whatever it is, make it fast."


Who were/are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?
"Looking to the past has always provided me a steady anchor in all matters of life, but to create  new art I take a great deal of inspiration from very contemporary artist. Iwata Iwao of Muscle Manga is definitely who got me started, and the Patrick Fillions and Logans and Jiraiyas of the world are always artist I look up to, as well as comicker greats like Ed McGunniess. The content may come from my head, but the styles are contemporary, and I love to seek out the lesser known gems, like Udon Crew, Blazing Cheeks, or DrawingKuma. Inspiration is everywhere."

What is your favorite part about drawing?
"Sketching and layout. Arranging people and elements in a scene mentally before you draw them are the nuts and bolts of good image making. The rest is a big technical snorefest."

What part of drawing do you like the least?
"Inking makes me want to stab out both of my eyeballs, and coloring had a similar effect. My therapist is very helpful."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?
"Tits!, I guess I'll never win the hearts of straight men! I just don't have the neurons in my brain devoted to computing the secy shape of a woman or a slick-ass Camero like by straight brethren. Some things are best left to the experts."

I love the the humor in your work. What is your process? Is there a routine you go through to create a piece?
"Hah! I didn't realize so much was imbued into it! You mean my Wonka™ Brand Fatty-Lifting gas? Well I definitely have a meticulous process, starting with good old fashion pencil on paper, then the rest is digital (inks/colors) I'm trying hard to nail down a consistent style (I have a few too many I think) and one that doesn't take 10 million years to complete one piece with."

How do you get over blocks in creativity?
"That's easy, just start asking questions. Why are you doing this? What's the meaning? What are you trying to communicate? Answer those first. Twist and turns in the creative path always lead back to the main road, so follow your bread crumbs, kids. Personally I don't really get creative blocks, my problem is the slow dreary pace of image making -- the tedium of which I shall politely spare you all."

What projects are you currently working on?
"I'm making some more t-shirt designers for my gainer friends, and toying with the idea of making a comic/graphic novel, but I'm keeping it mostly secret so as not to jinx its outcome."


Top or Bottom:

Sexiest part on a man:
"Moobs and belly, but those are second only to a handsome face."

Favorite Position:
"I had to look it up, I think it's called the 'Cowgirl.' Or maybe it's the sea-saw? Don't quote me on that."

WHEN does size matter?
"Overrated! At least as rod lengths go. personally, I find chodes just dandy. You already know what type of body floats my blimp."

Most over rated thing about sex:
"Oral. Just not into it. 
*dodges incoming rotten tomatoes from gay brethren*"

What's your fetish?
"Inflatables. Been with me since I was a wee dirty sprig. I'm also hugely into role playing and padding and have a huge collection of costumes and weird XXL-sized clothing. hats too; police,cowboy, military, etc. My fave is a full dress blues Marines uniform with cover. 
Aaaand, I'm gonna stop right there."

Who are 2 celebrities you'd jump into a 3some with?
"Vin Diesel please. I could list bodybuilders but not sure if your audience would know em. All the Branch Warren fans in the house say "HEHH YEHH"

HAHAHAHA! Thanks Beef! Your energy is contagious, your vocabulary is refreshingly nostalgic,  and you have been fun to learn about. 

Beefy Blimps, Everybody!

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Have a beefy week, folks!


  1. nice to see the REAL brooklyn artists get some time on the interwebs.

  2. He is hot. This interview was a really fun read. I agree about oral sex, I just don't get as much enjoyment from it, yet everyone raves about it.

  3. Wow, what a character.

    When I saw his art I thought the artist would be the most whitiest white boy artist ever (like a secret boy nextdoor with a fetish)

    And here I read all this.



    Great interview Jezza. Insightful as always.

  4. Grrr, what a hot lil bratty super genius.

  5. these are some E-P-I-C comments XD

  6. I am really glad you all have enjoyed learning more about Beefy as much I did.

    Thanks again, Beefy!