Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dave Davenport

The countdown to BENT-Con has started! 
In less than 3 weeks, some of the greatest gay artist, writers and geeks will be gathering to celebrate gayness in comics, films, and games.
I'm counting down with interviews with a few of the studs you'll be able to meet there, starting with one of the brilliant minds behind the starting of BENT-con, Dave Davenport!
From his gritty illustrations to dynamic tattoos and astonishing paintings, Dave's work shows off great skill and versatility. Read what he had to tell us about himself here...


Favorite Guilty Pleasure:

What are you doing when you're not drawing (or writing...or tattooing)?
"Walking the dog, web surfing, reading, eating, working out, hanging with my man, playing video games"

Do you have any other talents outside of art?
"I have been told that I am a great kisser"

What single super power would you like to have?

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Which living person do you most admire?
"The Occupy Wall Street Protesters"

How would you like to die?
"Smothered in an ass-crack of my choosing"


What projects are you currently working on?
"A Feral Sketchbook, a commissioned portrait for a client, an ongoing strip in "The Fight" Magazine"

Who were/are some of the biggest influences on your artistic style?

What is your favorite part about drawing?
"The part where it all starts to come together, when I feel I am getting an emotion across."

Is there anything you don't like to draw?

What is your favorite part about writing?
"Making the plot pieces fit"

How do you get over blocks in creativity?
"Work on something else or go exercise"

Will you be making any appearances at any upcoming contventions?
"BENT-Con 2 of course!
And then Wonder-Con"


Top or Bottom?
"Both are fine choices"

Who are 2 celebrities you'd jump into a 3Sum with?

Have you ever done porn?
"Naw, too camera shy"

Favorite Position:

Sexiest thing a man can wear?
"Kinda liking jockstraps lately"

How often do you beat off?
"Not nearly enough"

How big is "Too Big?" 
"When it's a waste"

Thanks, Dave! Been great getting to know you better! I look forward to seeing you at BENT-Con.

Dave Davenport, everybody!
I encourage all of you to check out more of his work on his website, and as mentioned, you can meet him at this year's BENT-Con.