Sunday, November 13, 2011

BENT-CON CountDown!

Hey Everybody!

I know my breaks from the blog have been longer than usual, but I assure you it's only temporary. I've been busy prepping for BENT-Con!

It's less than 3 weeks away and I couldn't be more excited!!!
Each week until the con, I'm gonna post New interviews with a few of the artist and geeks you'll meet there.
In the meantime, go ahead and review some of my previous interviews with guest who will be at this year's Bent-Con:
You can see a list of the guest list on the Bent-Con webpage and can stay up to date with news by liking the fan page on Facebook.

That's all for now, Folks!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I hope to see all of you at the Bent-Con. Gonna be a GREAT show!


  1. Looks SOOOOOO neat! I wish I could go >.<

  2. Next year then, Jubell. Next year

  3. Next year have it in New York! lol