Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year Has Cum!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!

The following folks are celebrating a new year in more than one way this month:

So it's traditional for many to start the new year with resolutions. It's been years since I made New Year Resolutions, but when I did - I usually fulfilled all of them. So, I'm gonna make some resolutions this year.

Last year, several doors of opportunity opened for me. 
I made the mistake of trying to walk through all of them at once. In the end, I was both mentally and physically wrecked from the stress with a pile of unfinished projects taunting me. Meanwhile, JezzLoads took a back seat and was a little neglected. 

This year I'm taking a step back and makin' some adjustments. 
It's very challenging to stay regular on a blog when "business is good," but I don't want you guys to go without a good JezzLoad. I love you guys and want you to be reminded of that every month. So here are my 2013 New Year Resolutions:
  • You will have a Calendar Stud for every month
  • You will get at least 1 piece of Fan Art every month
  • and I will continue to bring you awesome interviews with amazing creatives!
So you're thinkin, "But you already do that, Jezza." 
Well-Yes, I do, but I haven't been consistent. This year, regardless of where in the world I may be and however many projects I'm juggling, I will make sure I deliver at least those three gifts every month.

For now, I will have to make my post on the weekends, but I will deliver. 
You now have this months Calendar Stud.
Next up - An interview with Tug Harder's Butch Mclogic. You're gonna love him!
Lastly, I've put aside the unfinished fan art pieces of last year and starting fresh. I don't know what I'm gonna draw yet. I'm open to suggestions.

So there you have it - my New Year Resolutions.
What are some of yours?

...Seriously - I'm interested to know. 

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