Friday, March 1, 2013

My Favorite Harlem Shake So Far...

Persistant Problems...

     It was the last day of February and I posted the remainder of the questions I had planned to post weekly through out the month. I can not begin to express how irritated and disappointed I am that I was not able to post them when I wanted and I wasn't able to include some of the art pieces I created to go along with them. 

I am currently having some VERY frustrating problems with my computer. It's not old enough to be giving me the grief that it is. If I could afford a new one, I'd really enjoy using my current one as a piƱata!
While my computer is hopefully fixed, I won't be able to post new art for a little while. Once it is, I will go back and add the missing art pieces to some of those February post. 

I will hopefully be posting again very soon.
Sorry for the delay, Folks

Really wishing I had paid for more space on dropbox right now >:(