Monday, March 28, 2011

Jezza does Dr. Dick

Hey Everybody!

I hope you're all enjoying the springing of Spring - and Autumn for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere :) I know I am!

If my profile on Spunktoons wasn't enough of an insight into yours truly, get ready for more!
Sexpert and therapist, Dr. Dick recently interviewed me as part of his on going series of podcast interviews with erotic artist, photographers, and writers called The Erotic Mind.
The series is definitely a must follow. He's done interviews with a pantheon of erotic creatives that I found extremely insightful and inspiring. I'm sincerely honored to be included among them. Download the first part of my interview with him here.

Happy Monday, Folks.
Make it a great week!
I really do love youz all!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Justin Hall

You've most likely met or seen Justin Hall at a Prism Comics booth at any of the Californian comic conventions or you might know his work from Hard to Swallow and Glamazonia.
If you still don't recognize him, maybe you know him by a different name...

The Ram

The Ram




I'm on SpunkToons!

Hey Everybody,

I've been included among some of the greats with a profile on the art blog, Spunktoons!
Check out my profile to learn a lil' about me and check out the site - there's some awesome art and you'll learn more about other artist too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jon Macy

This week's feature is as endowed artistically as he his with the gift of writing. 
I'm gonna admit, I wasn't familiar with Jon Macy prior to researching Northwest Press' creative line up.   I'm a little embarrassed to share that, because the man has been in this game for good minute. His folio includes everything from comics with Eros/Fantagraphics to the anthologies of Meatmen and Gay Comix to say the least. On top of decades of experience, he offers a unique style with fantastic stories from the heart. 
It is an honor to share a Jon Macy JezzLoad with you. :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Zan Christensen

If you've read Class Comic's "Mark of Aceus," then you're familiar with the writings of Zan Christensen. Zan has ascended from being a comic writer to the ranks of comics publishing. When I learned of his new company, Northwest Press, I hopped on the opportunity to get to know Zan a little more and to find out more about his new comic company.
This interview revealed Zan has worn several hats (and hair colors) in the media industry...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


hey Hey HEY Everybody!

It's March 2011! Spring is around the corner (for those of us in the northern hemisphere).
It looks like spring is a time for makin' babies and not having em, 'cause I only got one birthday call this month - cartoonist and phenomenal caricaturist, Brett Willis, celebrates a birthday on the 21st. Check him out on his site or on Facebook and show the stud some love.

I've got a treat for you this month. I'll be sharing not one, not two, but three Q&As with you this month. Northwest Press is a new LGBT publishing company and I've got interviews with the founder, Zan Christensen, and 2 of their creators Jon Macy and Justin Hall.
The more companies out there that support or cater to the gay community, the more opportunities there are for gay artist and writers to share their work. So, I'm happy to give a shout out for another gay publishing house and even happier to share their goods with you all.

I've got my hands full with a couple of commissions and personal projects so I won't have much art to share this month, but I will of course be posting the next in my zodiac series and I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a quicky here or there ;)

Until next week, folks. Enjoy my "Lucky Charms Lad"