Thursday, August 2, 2012


Happy August, Everybody!

It's a big Birthday Month, so grab your calendar and a pen.
One of my new favorite artist, Nickie Charles, kicks off the birthday bashes on the 4th
Bent-Con and Rated-Z creator, Sean-Z, keeps the party goin on the 7th
Festish artist, Drub, turns 39 on the 14th
French artist, Vee Bee, turns 28 on the 21st
Class Comics' newly wed, creator, Patrick Fillion, turns 39 on the 26th
Graphic designer and It's The Michaels creator, Chris Decarlo, celebrates another year on the 28th while writer,producer, and Door-Q's, Jody Wheeler, wraps up the month along with blogger, Jubell, on the 29th.
Happy Birthday, all of you extraordinary creatives!

 This month is going to be an insanely busy month of travel for me. This weekend, I'll be in Los Angeles for the Hard Heroes party doing some promoting. Then I head to Tokyo for Comiket followed by a couple of weeks in NYC!!!
Because Blogger's post scheduler seems reliably unreliable, I am not planning on making any post this month. I will resume with my monthly Calendar Stud and Q&A in September.

That's all for now, Folks.
Until next time, enjoy this month's stud and make this month a GREAT one!