Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

Happy Monday, Everybody!
I hope you all had a great weekend and are rested up to make the most of the week ahead.

First things first - Birthday Roll Call:
Beefcake, Eric Arvin, turned 37 on the 6th. Be sure to stop by his blog, and show him some love. And yours truly turns 33 on the 23rd. 

OK. Where to begin?
Let me start with a very sincere Thank You!
Thank You to all who have remained in touch and/or continue to check back here for new post. At the end of last year, Life smiled on me in several ways and threw an abundance of greatness my way, so I've been ÜBER Busy juggling it all. 
It's too easy to be away from the blog and forget how long I've been away. Despite my absence, you guys have continued to remind me how much you enjoy your regular visits to my blog, and I couldn't let that go unrewarded. I'm still learning how to balance it all, but I've got things stable enough to resume blogging. So, once again, THANK YOU!

I'm kickin it all off with resuming my tradition of monthly Calendar Guys. Last year I didn't get much feedback or commentary on them so I assumed interest in them had been lost. But since I'd stopped posting them, several of you have made me aware they have been very much missed. So, I'm happy to keep up what's become a JezzLoad tradition.

It's MAY!!! Can you believe it?!
May means one thing. It's Asian History Month. 
Supposedly May means it's Masturbation Month too, but I don't think masturbating needs its own month, when it's an Hourly event in my world. :P
At last year's Bent-Con, I got some very inspirational feed back from my Asian fans for regularly representing them in my work. I can not express how moved I was/am by these praises. I will always strive to represent those that I feel aren't be represented enough in visual media, so I'm proud to celebrate Asian History Month. You guys can look forward to some original works showcasing some more of my Soy Boys as well as some fan art pieces payin' tribute to some of my favorite Asian characters.

And that's not all! I have a long over due interview for you with the awe-inspiring, Sean Platter! A MUST READ!

Ok, Folks. That's all for now. I'll save the rest for next time. 
Until then,
Be well and make it a great week.
I love you guys.