Monday, February 7, 2011

Eric Arvin

I couldn't be more happy to share this month's feature with you. He's the author of books and comics such as Subsurdity, Suburbilicious, and Kid Christmas Rides Again. The talented Eric Arvin isn't just a pretty face and pair of biceps, he's fresh, clever, and funny. After reading this interview you'll be in love with him and understand the rules of establishing who's on top and bottom.

ERIC ARVIN: An Insight

What are you doing when you're not writing?
"Promoting and working out. I can't stay still for too long, so in front of the TV is usually not where I can be found."

Favorite guilty pleasure:

What trait do you like most about yourself?
"I'm a resilient son bitch!"

What characteristic do you like least in others?
"Close-mindedness. I know that's an easy answer, but it's true. That's why I can't watch the news. Everything is so one-sided these days."

Do you have any other talents outside of writing?
"Making people smile (these days, that's a talent!); Strangely, I can hear a hummingbird's wings way before anyone can see it; and I can build my pectorals up in no time after an extended period time off."

What single super power would you like to have?
"Invisibility. Wink wink. You know what I'm sayin'. Yeah"

If you could have dinner with 3 dead people, who would they be?
"My favorite writer, James Purdy; Alexander the Great (I'd try really hard not to piss him off); and Nick Drake."


What projects are you currently working on?
"I'm writing a mainstream horror novel titled, The Rascal; starting a third Jasper Lane book; and working on my next foray into the comic book world. Those are the chief bad boys I'm working on, but there are others."

Do you have a favorite genre to write?
"I really enjoy magical realism or speculative fiction. most people know me for comedies or erotica, but those are actually new genres for me."

Are there any writers who influenced your writing style?

Do you have a 'flow?' Is there a routine you go through to get into writing mode?
"Not really. I try to think of a great sentence to get the ball rolling, but that's about it."

What do you do to get over writer's block?
"I usually just put it away and work on something else until inspiration strikes again. Usually, that doesn't take too long. Music helps in this as well. I've had some killer scenes inspired by music."

You have a new book out and another one on the way. Tell us a little about them?
"From the blurb of Another Enchanted April (because it's easier ;-)):
       'Can the idyllic simplicity of a garden change a life forever? It's a question three men on a vaction to the small seaside town of beechwood will find the answer to when they stay at a B&B with an expansive and breathtakingly beautiful garden. a garden with an air of the supernatural. Jerry's there for love, Doug's there for sex, and Tony? Well, Tony is practically dragged along against his will. A comedy of errors ensues as the three men cling stubbornly to their self-destructive ways; can a cook named Anna magnani, a roller-skating drag queen, and the magic of the garden tame the tempest and prevent love's labors from being lost?'

Woke Up in a Strange Place will be out Feb. 25. You can get it then on the Dreamspinner site, or wait a week or so and get it on Amazon, B&N, etc. All bookstores can order it too. Some might even carry it on their shelves, if I'm I was thinking of doing a contest where I'll send someone an autographed copy of something if they sight one of my books on a store shelf (and take a picture so I can see it, of course). Anywaisy daisy, here's the blurb:
     'Joe wakes up in a barley field with no clothes, no memories, and no idea how he got there. Before he knows it, he's off on the last great journey of his life. With his soul guide Baker and a charge to have courage from a mysterious, alluring, and somehow familiar Stranger, Joe sets off through a fantastical changing landscape to confront his past.
The quest is not without challenges. Joe's past is not always an easy thing to relive, but if he wants to find peace—and reunite with the Stranger he is so strongly drawn to—he must continue on until the end, no matter how tempted he is to stop along the way.' "

The Kid Christmas collaboration with Absolutebleu was excellent! Are there any other collaborations coming up we can look forward to?
"Thanks! Actually, Absolutbleu, comic book writer - Adam Gragg, and I are working on a comic book for hopeful submission to Class Comics based on one of my short stories. It's about a big dumb college jock and a cum sucking demon changeling. You know. My ex and me."



Top or Bottom:
 "It depends on the booty. The bigger booty MUST be the bottom. It's the law.
Look it up. That's why all bodybuilders are bottoms. Hand to God."

Most over rated thing about sex:

Sexiest thing a man can wear:

What's your festish?
"For one, domination of muscle guys by smaller guys. I'm talking butt sex."

Have you done porn?
"I considered it in college, but no. Never did it. Should have, though, for the experience."

What would your porn name be?
"Gopher Gold"

Favorite thing to do after sex?
"Watch 'Barney Miller.' 
I'm kidding, of course. 'The Golden Girls."

Thank you, Eric, for entertaining us and sharing a lil' bit of yourself with us. I'm not alone when I say I'm excited to read more from you.

Eric Arvin, everybody!!!

I think now is the perfect time to announce, Eric and I are getting married. We've established he has the bigger booty and it'll be a beach wedding. I'll keep ya updated on the date.
:D I joke.
I don't think I'd make it as a talk show host because I'd have so many lawsuits for sexual harassment or rape filed against me.
Be Sure to pick up Eric's new books, Another Enchanted April and Woke Up in a Strange Place at You can also keep up with Eric by fallowing his blog:

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  1. Ha! Love your quip at the end ;-) Thanks! This was fn!

  2. Wait he said he was marring me!!! I Am already pregnant with his butt baby. Well We can always move to Utah and do it sister wives style. I am not sure if which one of us has the bigger bootie. Mine is kind of

  3. Eric, Your interview made me think to myself "Why didn't I think to include writers sooner?!" You were a lot of fun and I'm lookin for any excuse to probe you some more.

    Wonder, revealing is good! You read it first here on channel jezz. ;)

    FMX, I'd be glad to have you both as my brother wives. I've got enough lovin for both of your big booties! :D

  4. HAWT!!!!!!

    Also this is brand new for me, i am way behind in the field of erotic text D: i need to check his work, specially that new project The Rascal o_o

  5. This was FABULOUS, Jezza! I absolutely adore Eric and his work. He is such a sweet, funny and supremely talented guy! I really love that you helped us learn more about him! And I think it's wicked that you have started featuring writers on your Blog. Thanks so much Jezza... and Eric, you're amazing, buddy and I luv ya!

    BIG BIG Hugz + kisses to the both of you!
    Patrick XOXOX

  6. Awe. Thanks, Patrick! :-)

    Devilman, The Rascal will be an all out thriller. No erotica. But please read it anyway when it's released ;-)