Friday, February 11, 2011

Mistress of the Elements

I've mentioned before that Storm is one of my favorite X-Men. So, when I decided to do some pieces for weekly fan art for Black History Month, she was second on my list (first is yet to come).
Storm was the first black female to play a major role in either of the two big comic companies, Marvel or DC, and is noted to be the most successful and recognizable black superhero today.


  1. She was the reason I start collecting comics

  2. I'm with Wonder Man. Storm was the reason I felt it was okay, as a black person, to get into comics.

    She's also the reason I've bought most of my video game systems ^^;

    It'd turn out she was in a game and so I'd buy the game AND the system.

    I'm so silly.

  3. A WOMAN!!!??? LOL from Jezza!!?? HAHA

    Love it-- very graceful linework and cool lighting fx with the power!

  4. She's one bad mama-jamma, Wonder!

    I feel ya, Jubell. And don't feel bad. After the first time I played "Fable," I went out and bought an X-Box. It is still the only game I've ever bought for it! XD

    Yep! A woman, JC. And by the end of the year you'll see A LOT more of em; not necessarily on my blog, but I've been holdin out. ;)
    Thank for the the feedback, Stud.

  5. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! Jezza, gorgeous take on Storm!!! I love this! As you know she's my favorite comic book character and to see her drawn so lovingly by you is a HUGE TREAT! Thanks so much for creating this. It's an amazing piece... Love the costume and her beautiful face and attitude! Plus it's really cool to see you draw a woman! LOL! XD

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX