Friday, February 25, 2011

Foxxy Love

OK. Is it ironic that after my post about tokens and positive black toons, that Foxxy Love made my list of fan arts for Black History month?

I love Foxxy. I love that she is an exaggeration of stereotypes and encourages a sense of humor about sensitive issues. While living up to any stereotype the writers of Drawn Together could think of, she played an essential role in pointing out the stupidity in actually believing such crazy generalizations.


  1. Yay ! Foxxy ! <3
    But Clara is waaaaay better !

  2. NO way! Charlotte is only funny because of the other characters. Foxxy and Captain hero hold their own as individual characters. :)
    Watch Foxxy's masturbation scene and tell me how Clara could ever top that? lol

  3. Not for real-real. For play-play.

  4. I find it so funny that Cree comes off so spiritual and zen and socially conscious... and then does a character like Foxxxy, frying chicken in her snatch. Brilliant.