Friday, February 18, 2011

Super Cool

It's not easy being a token. The temptation to be stereotypical or a cliche character is great, but when you're "cool" enough, you can be you and fit in as if you're no different from the rest and still manage to stand out as a superstar.
Frozone is such a stud. As the only black character in one of my favorite animated movies, he wasn't the "Black Guy" - he was the "Cool Guy." That alone is enough to be recognized in my line up of fan artworks for Black History Month.

Enjoy your weekend, Folks


  1. Oh my god, i LOVE THIS! You did Frozone some incredible justice here! ( no pun intended ) and i loved The Incredibles too!

    Hot bod by the way! ( again, no pun intended XD )

  2. Wonder, my faithful commentator, sounds like there's more to your comment...feel free to share.

    Thanks, K3rry! And welcome to my blog. I'm very happy to make a new fan.

  3. Oh it's nothing really. Just some experiences in writing classes in college that challenged my views of Black characters

  4. Thanks Will! I'm a little surprised with how well received this piece is, but VERY happy it is.

    Wonder you can look forward to me probin' you more about your experiences in person.

  5. This drawing is EPIC! I'm following your blog!