Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black History Month 2013: Role Models?

A cast of diverse characters allows for a diverse audience to have the opportunity to relate with any of those characters. Factors like the character's appearance and/or their situation or circumstances are among the most popular reasons someone would relate with a particular character.

This week's question is:

"What black toon do you most identify with?"

When I asked this weeks question, I couldn't help but think about how I'd answer. I struggled to settle on one. I have always been obsessed with the elements, so I've "identified" with most characters with elemental powers , regardless of their race. My lightning fetish would lead most to think that toons like Storm or Black Lightning would be an obvious choice, but in reality the toon I sincerely identify most with would be Foxy Love from Drawn Together. 
I can totally identify with how ghetto fabulous and slutty she can be! Haha!

Here's how some other black creatives answered the question...


"Foghorn Leghorn. Even as a big white chicken, he's really a black comedian. Just watch him and listen to him."
- Joe Phillips (Stonewall & Riot)
"Felix the Cat. He's a wonderful, wonderful cat (and I like to think I am too). And like him, I have quite a bag of tricks."
- Choklit Daddy (Choklit Daddy's Sketchbook)
"Storm. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone said Ororo Monroe. Are you kidding me? Pagan, poetic, deeply in touch with her strong emotions, She was the reason I felt it was okay to read comics. I remember my mother and I first seeing her in the cartoon and our mouths just dropped. Before that we'd only ever seen stereotypical representations of Africans and African-Americans in comics and cartoons and she was SO...amazing. If not for her, I probably would never have gotten into comics so deeply."
- Jubell (U.R. Elevated)

"Despite the difference in gender, I would say Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. She's a perfect balance of dreaming big and hard work, of having fun but taking things seriously."
- Will O. Tyler (Carabosse Comics)
"Storm, because she always takes the bitter with the sweet and learns from her mistakes. I try to live my life in that manner."
- Viktor (Maybe It's Just Me...)
"The new, ultimate Spiderman, Miles Morales. He follows his heart and does what he feels is right, regardless if it's deemed acceptable. He questions himself but he always tries, despite his intentions often being misunderstood and odds that are unvaryingly stacked against him. I personally identify with him on many levels because of his character."

- Sean-Z (Rated Z Studios)
"Huey Freeman of 'The Boondocks' - I too am often called borderline militant."
- Lucky Sanford (Lucky Sanford.Com)

"Daffy Duck. Because he used to be all cheerful and fun-loving but now people fuck with him all the time so he's always angry."
- JC Etheredge (Anti-Heroes)
"I was very intrigued with Jackson Hyde, the new Aqualad. Unfortunately, I'm disappointed that he disappeared into DC Comics' New 52 Oblivion of Character Uncertainty. Anybody seen Donna Troy or Wally West?!? I like Jackson's strong family bond with his adoptive parents. I loved how he just fell into a natural role with Aquaman and had a place. And, I was looking forward to seeing him in the Teen Titans being treated like just another kid superhero. I even loved Kaldur, the animated Young Justice Aqualad. I like seeing these young men knowing who they are and what their roles are as people. I feel like I know what mine is too.  And, let's face it --- both Jackson and Kaldur are HOT!!!"
- Victor Hodge (Black Gay Boy Fantasy)

Were those answers just as surprising to you as they were to me?
And now it's your turn.
What toon (of your same race) do you most identify with?



  1. I would have to say Suzie Carmichael from Rugrats. During that time I was surprised that Nickelodeon actually illustrated a very well rounded black character. Her character introduced Kwanzaa to America. Now that's what's up!!

    1. Yuya, I'm sorry for very delayed response. As you may know I was away from the blog for a while. I had not noticed this comment until now.
      Suzie is a great one! I had forgotten about her until you brought her up. I think what I liked most about her is that she was likable and being black didn't define her - it was just part of what she brought to the show. All characters should be treated that way.