Monday, February 4, 2013


I LOVE the new TNMT on nickelodeon! I LOVE IT!
This is the first incarnation of the series that I actually love ALL of the Turtles. Mikey has always been my favorite and remains so, but I greatly appreciate the exaggeration of each of their personalities in the new series. Donatello is adorably nerdy. Leo is a lot less uptight and more relatable; plus I love that he's a total fanboy! Raphael was always my least favorite until now. He's not just hotheaded, he's funny and we see his softer sides a lot more often. Even Master Splinter is more entertaining with a smart-ass wit. 
This cartoon makes me feel like a kid again, so I had to whip out some fan art. 

For those of you who were expecting or hoping for something with a lot more dick - I did ask for suggestions. :)

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