Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black History Month 2013: STEREOTYPES - The Good, The Bad, The Truth?

I once had a conversation with an Asian friend (who has a big dick) about stereotypes and asked him, "Which do you think is worse- being black and having a small penis or being Asian with a big dick?" 
The black man with a small penis will never live up to the expectations society has put on him and the Asian with a big dick will always have to prove it.

Regardless how false or exaggerated stereotypes may be, they exist for one reason or another. Some work in our favor, some do not.  I, myself, measure up to many of them and yet I'm still surprised when people are shocked that I don't really care for watermelon or fried chicken or that I can swim. 

This week's questions were:

What 3 stereotypes about blacks are actually true about you? 
What  stereotype about blacks is the most false about you?

Here is what some of the Erotic Arts black creatives had to say...

What 3 stereotypes about blacks are actually true about you?

"LOL! 3?! Aren't we supposed to be dispelling these? HaHa! Um, Let's see... I love R&B, hate the cold, and lug a third leg around."

- JC Etheredge (Anti-Heroes)

"One: that I spend more money than I save.Two: that I'm angry. (Only onthe bus commuting to and from work - But, I have 'Bus Drama'). Three: Yes --- I LIKE watermelon and friend chicken."
- Victor Hodge (Black Gay Boy Fantasy)
"I have a huge cock, I love fried chicken & watermelon, and I like a round butt."
- Joe Phillips (Stonewall & Riot)
"I have a big willie. I have rhythm. I like fried chicken and watermelon."
- Choklit Daddy (Choklit Daddy's Sketchbok)
"I love grape soda and hot fries (so ghetto), My lips are thicker than most white peoples, and I totally voted for President Obama (please and thank you)."
- Jubell (U.R. Elevated)
"I'm a great dancer. I absolutely love chicken and eat it almost daily. I also love watermelon"
- Will O. Tyler  (Caraboose Comics)

"I love Hot Sauce. I drink Kool-Aide. I have a lot of cousins"
- Viktor (Maybe It's Just Me...)
"Hmmm. Let's see, I'll stick to the physical ones: I'm a great dancer, I have full, thick, luscious lips, and I come bearing 'gifts.' "
- Sean-Z (Rated Z Studios)

Aren't we a modest bunch?And now for the other side of that question:

What stereotype about blacks is most false about you?

"I am embarrassingly unathletic. Thankfully, I don't look it, but yeah - can't catch a ball to save my life."
- JC Etheredge (Anti-Heroes)
"One: That I'm lazy. It's not true. I can't be lazy if I actually sit at a drawing table and get the things done that I do. And, what I do isn't easyTwo: That black people don't get along. I get along with other black people. Three: That we haven't gotten anywhere as a people. Our President is black and so is the First Lady."
- Victor Hodge (Black Gay Boy Fantasy)
"I don't rap. My dancing skills are dubious and I don't smoke weed."
- Joe Phillips (Stonewall & Riot)
"I don't play basketball or any other sport involving teams and a ball."
- Choklit Daddy (Choklit Daddy's Sketchbook)
"I don't give a damn about designer or name brand shoes. BET is the bane of my existence and I don't want to be a baller, a playa, or have my own hip-hop number 1 single."
- Jubell (U.R. Elevated)
"I suck at basketball and all other sports for that matter."
- Will O. Tyler (Carabosse Comics)
"I'm not always late, I don't praise God, and I'm not a thug."
- Viktor (Maybe It's Just Me...)
"I've never been in jail, I'm the complete opposite of lazy, and I don't speak 'Jive.' "
- Sean-Z (Rated Z Studios)

There you have it. The "truth" about stereotypes - at least for this select bunch.
What about you? 
What 3 Stereotypes about your race are true about you and which is the most false?
I wanna know.



  1. Wow, Jezza, some of the images you made are down right UNCOMFORTABLE to look at.

    More people should see them just for the irony.

    Also - do all erotic black artists have big schlongs? I didn't want to pick that one because I didn't want to seem like I was peacocking...

    Now I feel like the broken link in the chain O.O

    1. Well Jubell if you want to prove that point...I think the world would like to see! You broke the chain, so it's the only way to redeem yourself now! ;D Joking.

    2. HAHAHA! Then I'll consider this post a Mission Accomplished, Jubell!
      I was trying to be cheeky and in your face without taking things too seriously. So, I'm happy with a little discomfort.

      And it appears so - in reference to your question about schlongs. Without putting anyone on blast - I can vouch for a few of them. HAHA!
      With a little bit of good sleuthing, you can probably find evidence online ;)
      Feel free to send me pics of yourself, Jubell and I will vouch for you too HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    3. Hmmm I have a stereotype question regarding penises..Are you guys all cut? Seems like 99% of Americans are! (And a good % of Canadians too.)

  2. I will never understand the whole deal with watermelon, chicken and grape drinks. How do you not enjoy all those things? How did they become a stereotype? Maybe because I am Canadian, or something. Back where I grew up, a large portion of my friends were black and Indian. We all loved the same stuff. Food is food. I actually remember one of my best friends families being a big burger and fish family. I hardly remember ever having chicken there. Also, once you move away from 'porn' you find guys with all sizes of dick.
    Anyway I love your pictures. You're terrible! Nego Nibbles was so awful, I had to giggle a little. It reminded me of something you would hear on the Howard Stern Show.

    1. Stereotypes are silly, Dino.
      When I was about 10, I was at sports camp during the summer. This other kid (black) offered me some watermelon. I said, "No Thanks. I don't really like watermelon." He then responded in a stereotypical and loud fashion "You don't like watermelon?! You ain't black!"
      Considering I lived in a city where blacks made up only 2% of the entire states population, I didn't get the memo on what foods I was supposed to be eating as a black person. So later that evening, I asked my mom why we didn't eat watermelon more often. She replied "Cause I don't like it. Why? Do you want me to get some?"
      Simple as that.

      When I went into the army, The southern blacks would respond very similar to that little boy at camp when I declined watermelon. I never took offense, though. Most of the time things like that were said in joke. But one day, a "buddy" who loved to tease me for how "white" he thought I was said something about me not eating watermelon because I wasn't black. In one of my more 'witty' and bitchy moments, I responded publicly "Maybe you're blacker than me, but my dick's still bigger than yours. So shut the fuck up and eat yo damn watermelon, Foo."
      That comment got a huge laugh and roar of testosterone from the platoon that silenced any future teasing about how "nonBlack" I was.
      Its funny how much respect a bigger dick gets you in a group of men. Seriously, it's funny!

      I have to admit I couldn't stop giggling at "Negro Nibbles" either. I would say it out loud in all kinds of character voices and crack myself up.

    2. So what about you, Prince?
      What 3 stereotypes about your race are true about you and which one is most false?

      Ooh! Ooh!
      Which 3 stereotypes about Canadians are true about you and which one is false?

    3. This is a late reply, if there ever was one... XD
      Um for me, it would be that I don't smoke, or do any drugs. I think this is a stereotype that Americans created! LOL I don't like beer either. :P
      I have never seen an igloo. In fact, where I live, the weather pretty much the same as Buffalo NY. I certainly don't talk with the Canadian accent. (I don't know anyone that does!)
      I like to use the term EH. XD
      I love my Poutine!
      I can't think of any others. Canada and the US are pretty much the same in so many ways.

  3. I love fried chicken, watermelon, and koolaid (OH YEAH!).

    And uh, I can swim, I can't walk while sagging, and I can't dance lol. I'm also half mexican, a common complaint that I hear is that lighter-complected black people and mixed black people tend to be stuck up. I don't think I'm stuck up, I still have my sweetwater charm :)

    1. Hehehe, Thanks Gene.
      I had not heard the one about light skinned blacks were stuck up, but I had not heard of a quite a few when starting this project.
      Blacks tend to be more hateful towards each other that anyone else when it comes to skin complexion. I've seen this among Asians and Indians as well. It's sad how skin color is the basis for so many's hate. It's even sadder when those haters are of the same race.
      Hate sucks.