Thursday, February 28, 2013

What does Black History Month Mean to You?

     I lived in Australia for several years. My time there allowed me a taste of what it's like to not have a Black History month. To be perfectly honest, I forgot all about it.
In Australia, The Civil War, The Civil Rights Movement, and even Obama becoming the first Black President isn't "black history," it's all part of America's history. I look forward to the day when "Black History" is told and taught along with everyone else's history in America.

The presence of a "Black History Month" or any other  "Minority History Month" means that there is still an "us and them" type mentality in this country; so much so that minorities need their own history separate from the rest of America's History. 
This isn't as negative as it sounds, though. It also means that America as a nation agrees that minority contributions to America's history are important enough that  at least a month's recognition of them annually is necessary. 

That said, here's my final question for this year's Black History Month:

"What does Black History Month mean to you?"

Here is what some of them had to say:

What does Black History Month Mean to you?

"Black History Month is when I make a point of listening to the best of black music (from Billie Holiday to Aretha to Ray Charles to Janelle Monae and Frank Ocean); and have my own Black History Film Festival: 'Gone With The Wind,' 'Stormy Weather,' 'Cabin in the Sky,' both versions of 'Imitation of Life,' 'Rasin in the Sun,' and (this year) 'Django Unchained.' "
- Choklit Daddy (Choklit Daddy's Sketchbook)

"Black History Month used to be a bore in school but now I think it's a time for exploration. There are so many amazing figures in black history that they are just out there waiting to inspire you and give you perspective in your life. It can be food for the soul."
- Jubell (U.R. Elevated)

"I've always felt blacks should be celebrated during the entire year just as everyone else is and/or should be. But any positive recognition, no matter how small or short, is better than none at all."
- Will O. Tyler (Carabosse Comics)

"A time of reflection for all the achievements we have accomplished over the years."
- Viktor (Maybe It's Just Me...)

"Acknowledging where we've been, appreciating those that sacrificed and created opportunities that are no longer scarce to us and having the blue-print in place to create more for others today and live into even more in the future."
- Sean-Z (Rated Z Studios)

"30 Days of obnoxious candlelit commercials with some choir humming or ooing soulfully."
- JC Etheredge (Anti-Heroes)

"Although it's the shortest month of the year (28 days, folks!), it still means that my people will be honored, acknowledged, recognized,  and celebrated. I'm glad it exist. But, I do believe there should be a bigger celebration than what actually happens. As a people, we can still do more. We have a Black President and I love him!!! I love the First Lady and the girls. I LOVE my First Family! That's ON the record! It's not something I ever thought I'd see in my life time. And, I have the pleasure and honor of living in this Nation's capital with ANOTHER four years of the Obamas!!! It's a great achievement for us and America. Black History Month reminds me of what WE went though in order to get here. Come on!
We used to be considered P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y!!! The Civil Rights Movement wasn't that long ago! There's still time for "the first black this" and the "the first black that!" Black History doesn't deny us our achievements and celebrates our CONSIDERABLE contributions to society."
- Victor Hodge (Black Gay Boy Fantasy)

There you have it folks, Black History Month 2013.
Whether you are black or not, I'd love to hear what Black History Month means to you and further more what do any of the "Minority Months" mean to you?
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